Book Review – The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling

The Casual Vacancy is not Harry Potter. This obvious fact needs to be stated because, I’m willing to bet, 90% of The Casual Vacancy’s readers have picked it up because of the author’s name. I certainly was one of them – driven by a certain curiosity to see what else J.K. Rowling can do. Of… Continue reading Book Review – The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling

Views From The Deck

Not to keep harping on my awesome view but...we have a pretty killer view. The fun part though is that it's different at every hour of the day. The tide changes, as tides do. It swirls in and out around that rock in the centre. To the right of where the above picture is, a… Continue reading Views From The Deck

Thoughts on the last 3 Bachelor episodes

A week and a bit without internet somehow ended up meaning I missed three episodes of The Bachelor. It was somewhat exhausting to catch up but obviously I can't miss a moment of Sean's quest to find true love! (Yeah, I definitely had it playing in the background while I did other stuff, though I… Continue reading Thoughts on the last 3 Bachelor episodes

Happy Discount Chocolate Day!

Hope you all got to do precisely what you wanted on Valentine's Day! Whether that was a romantic dinner with a special someone or eating cheap chocolate while watching The Bachelor. This is what I got on Valentine's Day: Rather than flowers, Peter decided to get me "a bouquet of snacks". The man knows I… Continue reading Happy Discount Chocolate Day!

Our New Place

As mentioned, Peter and I have moved! We are now living in a converted boathouse, about 20 minutes outside of Sechelt (maybe closer, maybe further, depending on who you're driving behind on the highway!) For the past seven months most of our stuff has been in storage so it's been a fun couple of weeks… Continue reading Our New Place

Chinese New Year in Halfmoon Bay

Celebrating the new year of my Mother Land! I'm a complete Chinese food snob, which means I love it but I never cook it. I know what real Chinese food should taste like and I can't match up to my own expectations. But Chinese New Year demands Chinese food. This was my entirely-unauthentic approximation. The… Continue reading Chinese New Year in Halfmoon Bay