Book Review – Every Man Dies Alone

Hans Fallada might not be a name many people know. Even less likely know the name Rudolf Wilhelm Adolf Ditzen. Fallada (the nom de plume of Ditzen) died in Berlin in 1947, shortly after he finished writing his final novel, Every Man Dies Alone. The book was published after his death. It was not translated… Continue reading Book Review – Every Man Dies Alone

Salmon at Work, People at Play

This weekend: Lunch on the deck after a kayak and a swim. Friday morning was gorgeous out and the water was calm. We kayaked over to a nearby sandbar where we hopped out for a swim. While getting back into our kayaks we spotted a group of seals a little ways out so we paddled… Continue reading Salmon at Work, People at Play


This weekend my in-laws celebrated their retirement and their 35th wedding anniversary. Friends and family from near and far gathered to celebrate together on Saturday night. My own parents celebrated 37 years of marriage this year. I am constantly thankful that Peter and I both have parents with strong, long-lasting marriages. Our parents have shown… Continue reading Celebrations

Book Review – The Yiddish Policemen’s Union by Michael Chabon

Finding a new author that I enjoy reading is a little like visiting a really cool city for the first time. You’re excited, you’re so happy you’ve come, you’re a little overwhelmed by all the exploration you have ahead of you. You go home or you finish your book and you keep those fond memories.… Continue reading Book Review – The Yiddish Policemen’s Union by Michael Chabon