A B.C. Day Post


August means apples! At least, for some reason, it does to me. I eat apples all year round but this is the time of year they start appearing on trees in this part of the world.

I have some big life news to share…

I took a big girl step this weekend and I got my learner’s driving license. Yep, I’m 26 and I don’t know how to drive. I figured that since I have already shared my love of The Bachelorette on this blog, this fact is not as embarrassing.

I don’t really have a good excuse as to why it’s taken me so long to do this. Sometimes I tell people it’s because I was born in another country. Which is true. Then I let them believe that I’m some sort of recent immigrant. Which is not true. The best reason I can come up with is that I’ve never needed to drive. I always lived in the city and there was always cheap, reliable public transit to get me around. Then we moved to Chilliwack.

In Victoria, I had a few friends that also didn’t drive. Lots of people who were my age didn’t own cars. In Chilliwack, when I told people I didn’t drive, I think they were secretly trying to figure out if I had some sort of disability. You really can’t live in Chilliwack without a car. Knowing this, Peter and I bought our first car last autumn. I did my best at getting around town on foot, on my bike, or on the bus. People who had lived their whole lives in Chilliwack had never taken the bus. It’s not a terrible service but it doesn’t run very frequently, it stops early on in the evening, and it doesn’t go to every part of the city. Also, the Chilliwack bus drivers I met were the unfriendliest I’ve ever come across. (That’s a generalization based on my small experience. If you are or you know a wonderful Chilliwack bus driver, I’m sure you or they are great.)

Now we live in a smaller town with a smaller bus service. My husband has put up with my lack of driving ability for the past five years that we’ve known each other. I bit the bullet. So I now have a license that allows me to learn how to drive. The next step is getting behind the wheel…

In other news, I tried a wee photo experiment the other night. As I sat down at the beach, I tried to take as many different photos as I could without moving. I stopped only because some people sat down nearby and I didn’t want them to think I was a creep taking pictures of them.
Here are some of my results.

And then the sun set.

To the British Columbians out there: Happy B.C. Day!

To the rest of the Canadians: Happy Civic Holiday!

Everybody else: Happy Monday!

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