The Second Annual Karissa Reads Books Literary Awards

Last year I started a new tradition of looking back over my year in reading and assigning arbitrary awards. You can check out last year's opening post here. (Again, this idea is blatantly ripped-off from FictionFan who is currently presenting her 2019 awards so you should go check those out too!) The categories, the shortlists,… Continue reading The Second Annual Karissa Reads Books Literary Awards

Book Review: Death is Hard Work by Khaled Khalifa

Death is Hard Work - Khaled Khalifa (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2019) When Bolbol's father dies his final request is to be buried with his sister in their hometown. The town is located a couple of hours drive away from where Bolbol lives (and where his father died). No big deal, right? Except what if… Continue reading Book Review: Death is Hard Work by Khaled Khalifa

What I Read – May 2019

Read: Carry Me - Peter Behrens (Anansi, 2016) Boys: What It Means to Become a Man - Rachel Giese (Patrick Crean Editions, 2018) Crow - Amy Spurway (Goose Lane, 2019) Celebration of Discipline - Richard J. Foster (HarperOne, 2018) Chop Suey Nation - Ann Hui (Douglas & McIntyre, 2019) A Prayer Journal - Flannery O'Connor… Continue reading What I Read – May 2019