Life: An Update on Reducing Plastic

It's been a couple of months since I read How to Give Up Plastic and was inspired to reduce the plastic usage in our home so I thought I'd share how that's going and some of the things we've replaced. Shampoo! Well, I haven't given up shampoo but I did make the switch to a… Continue reading Life: An Update on Reducing Plastic

Book Review: How to Give up Plastic by Will McCallum

How to Give up Plastic - Will McCallum (Penguin Books, 2019) (and a few of the items we use in our home to replace plastic) I received an Advance Uncorrected Proof of this book. It is set for publication June 4, 2019. All opinions are my own. I read this short non-fiction book very shortly… Continue reading Book Review: How to Give up Plastic by Will McCallum