Art and Christianity – some book recommendations

Following my last post, I thought I'd mention some books that I like that deal with spirituality/faith in a real manner. Some of them are Christian authors, some are definitely not. I don't necessarily agree with the opinions put forth in all of these novels but I think each one is well-written and honest. Les… Continue reading Art and Christianity – some book recommendations

The Controversy of Christian Art

Converge Magazine, a Vancouver-based Christian magazine, currently has a series about Christian art. I find this fascinating as it brings up numerous questions - about art, about faith, and about myself. I'm a writer. I'm a Christian. When I tell people I'm a writer they often ask what I write about. If I say that… Continue reading The Controversy of Christian Art

A Phone Conversation Last Night

Me: (answering the phone) Hello, Karissa speaking. Guy calling on the phone: Hello, can I speak to your parent, please? (Okay, so that's a little odd but we are housesitting and I think perhaps he's looking for the folks who actually live here and he thinks I'm their daughter. They don't have a daughter but… Continue reading A Phone Conversation Last Night

My Week in Review

Let's recap the last few days...They've been goood ones (Yes, so good it deserves an extra 'o'!) Wednesday Farmers Market Day in Roberts Creek. Lots of fresh, local produce. Preserves, honey, baked goods, even goat cheese. Yum. We came home with fresh kale and beets. We made kale chips for the first time - pretty… Continue reading My Week in Review

Perfect Days

We've had a couple of pretty amazing days in a row here. The weather has been sunny and warm without being uncomfortably hot and we currently live in one of the most beautiful spots in the world. I feel very blessed. Check this's a beach just a couple of blocks from where we're staying.… Continue reading Perfect Days

Book Review – Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

Yesterday, reading Jane Eyre... With a little bit of this... Jane Eyre is one of those novels that I'm surprised I got through high school and university without reading. In truth, I did my best to avoid it. I lumped it in with Jane Austen and Wuthering Heights and didn't have much desire to read… Continue reading Book Review – Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte