Perfect Days

We’ve had a couple of pretty amazing days in a row here. The weather has been sunny and warm without being uncomfortably hot and we currently live in one of the most beautiful spots in the world. I feel very blessed.

Check this out…it’s a beach just a couple of blocks from where we’re staying.

It reminded me of the beaches in Victoria, near Dallas Road, except we had this one all to ourselves, along with a couple of very excited dogs.

Yesterday, Peter and I hiked Mt. Soames, a hill in Gibsons. A pretty quick trip up a lot of stairs and a spectacular view to reward us.

That’s a view of Gibsons harbour, by the way.

Keats Island on the left and Gibsons on the right.

From Mt. Soames, we headed into town with a stop at a thrift store. Actually, we drove by the store as Peter said to me, “Want to go to that thrift store?” So he pulled a quick turn-around and we visited. Definitely worth it. I snagged a hardcover Michael Chabon book for $2 and an apple peeler/corer for $3. Tried it today and it works perfectly! I think Peter is a little afraid that he’ll come home to find all our apples peeled and cut up in neat little circles.

Our afternoon was spent on the beach in Sechelt and a swim in the ocean. Some sand fortress building and log floating and coffee breaks that last for hours and turn into beer breaks. To crown it all, we barbequed for dinner. (Peter and I have never had a barbeque so this opens up a whole new world of cooking.)

And this wasn’t us, but it will be soon, I hope!

Today was a little quieter but with equal amounts of sunshine, plus this waterfall.

Life is good.

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