My Week in Review

Let’s recap the last few days…They’ve been goood ones (Yes, so good it deserves an extra ‘o’!)


Farmers Market Day in Roberts Creek. Lots of fresh, local produce. Preserves, honey, baked goods, even goat cheese. Yum.

We came home with fresh kale and beets. We made kale chips for the first time – pretty good but I think I’ll tweak the recipe a bit next time. Anybody out there got a foolproof one? The beets included surprisingly sweet leaves. Don’t you love when things that are good for you also taste delicious?


Our first trip out in the boat this summer with Peter’s parents. (My first trip in their boat ever, actually.) The water was surprisingly calm. We buzzed along the shore and out to the White Islands.

Pulling away from the boat launch.

Amazing skies over the White Islands.

And of course, any sunny day includes a swim in the ocean. Picture not included because, well, I was swimming.

Peter’s brother and his wife visited over the weekend and any family get together involves food. We joke amongst ourselves that as a family we are either eating or discussing what we’ll eat next. This weekend was no exception and crab was on the menu.

Thursday afternoon Pete and I rowed out in this little boat to check the crab traps. I grew up with rowboats but on lakes, not the ocean, and I had perhaps an overly romantic expectation of this rowboat trip. Let’s just say Peter + me + this little boat + a bucket of crabs was a little overcrowded.


Photo Credit: Friendly Stranger

I have to say that I am incredibly thankful that I genuinely like everyone of my in-laws, whether they earned that title through my own marriage or someone else’s. I know I’m blessed to be related to so many awesome people.

Friday we visited the bustling downtown of Sechelt! Along with food, our family really enjoys thrifting. We made some excellent finds (I’ll have to devote a separate blog entry to what I’ve brought home since moving here.) Then a long walk through the park with the dogs and an Amazing (so good it deserves a capital letter) meal of steak and crab. (It’s easy to love in-laws who feed you so well!) Oh, and of course there was swimming in the middle there too, made even better by the re-entry of the raft into the water.


Spectacular weather all weekend but Saturday was really the pinnacle, heat-wise. And I love the heat.

Saturday is market day in Sechelt so we started there after breakfast.

There is produce and food at this market but also much more. Pottery, clothing, jewellry, paintings and who knows what else. Every Saturday they shut down part of the main street and its filled with this market.

Then a jaunt to Davis Bay for a stroll along the pier.

Spent most of my afternoon right here:

I’m currently reading The Yiddish Policemen’s Union by Michael Chabon. I’ll let you know what I think when I’m finished but at the moment it’s safe to say I’m enjoying it a lot.

When it got too hot (and when the Lions vs. Roughriders game ended) we went swimming. And in the evening we capped it all off with a hot dog roast on the beach with friends.

An evening swim followed by rhubarb and raspberry pie (picked from my in-laws garden and made by my father-in-law) finished it off.

In case at this point you’re thinking, Isn’t Karissa in Canada? Why is she doing all this swimming in the ocean? Is she crazy? Let me explain. I’m not someone who thrives off of being uncomfortable. I’ve never done a polar bear swim and have no real desire to do such a thing. Like I said, I enjoy the heat. I do really like to swim though and it has been quite hot here. The key here though is that we are swimming in an inlet, not the open ocean. We’re across from Vancouver Island (basically Nanaimo) and the water is generally a few degrees warmer here than other spots. I have swum in the open ocean in Tofino and I wore a wetsuit because it is a lot colder there. Also, I don’t like to back out of things, so if I put my swimsuit on and head down to the beach I am darn well going swimming, no matter what my body thinks when I dip my toes in!


The weather dipped a little, temperature-wise, on Sunday and our weekend visitors were heading home so it was a quieter day. In the afternoon we went for a walk past the powerlines and to Chapman Creek.

Makes your skin tingle a bit.

Speaking of cold swimming, I’ve swum in this creek and it is colder than the ocean.

Photo Credit: Mike

And one of me and Peter by Chapman.

Oh, and I almost forgot about this local phenomenon:

That’s a forest car. My husband claims this is a “thing” that people do. I can’t say I’ve ever heard of it outside of the Coast here. Apparently people will drive old cars into the forest and leave them there. I guess it’s cheaper than disposing of them properly? This one is slowly being reclaimed by the land.

And that, friends, has been my week! How has yours been?

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