Day 14 – 30 Day Dress Challenge 2014

Grey day here, I'm afraid. That means a sweater. And I was too cold to take a picture without it. The Dress: BCBG from an outlet near LA, about seven years ago. Now that I think about it, this was one of my first dress purchases. I wasn't as much of a dress wearer once… Continue reading Day 14 – 30 Day Dress Challenge 2014

Day 13 – 30 Day Dress Challenge 2014

A new picture spot this evening. Not so sure about this...The water was warmer than I expected but still pretty cold. It's been a windy day. The Dress: Esprit. Purchased in Victoria a few years ago. I like it because it's different and it feels very spring/summer. It doesn't feel as versatile as some of… Continue reading Day 13 – 30 Day Dress Challenge 2014

Happy Made-Up Long Weekend!

Here in British Columbia, we have this new holiday that we get to celebrate every February. It's called Family Day. I can't think of it without being reminded of that Simpsons upside where the card companies make up Love Day. Nonetheless, it's a stat holiday in February, so I'm really not complaining. It's been uncharacteristically… Continue reading Happy Made-Up Long Weekend!

Searching for the Polar Vortex

While most of the continent seems to be cursing the polar vortex and staying inside, it's been sunny and (relatively) warm around here, so this weekend Peter and I went in search of snow.We found it.A little off-roading, a little ditch-crossing, and a lot of mud-splattering but found snow.We followed the tracks of some four-pawed… Continue reading Searching for the Polar Vortex

The Light of the World is Here

There is a magic that exists in the form of a snowy day. In that first moment after you wake up and you look out the window to see a world transformed. A world fresh and cleansed. Neither Peter nor I actually had a snow day but we enjoyed our snowy day nonetheless. The schools… Continue reading The Light of the World is Here

Mid-Week Snapshots

Life is busy and full and blessed and hard. Here's a taste of it for me this week. Foggy days on the Coast. Many in a row now. Some afternoons the sun comes out and the fog burns away but it's been lingering for a while now. Sunday evening. Peter went fishing in our front… Continue reading Mid-Week Snapshots


After taking my camera everywhere for a month, packing it with me on trains, subways, mountain trails, and through museums, I guess I needed a break. September 2013 will remain without much photographic evidence in our household. That's okay. Sometimes it's nice to just look at things and remember them that way. This weekend though,… Continue reading Thankful

Summer’s Still Here

Summertime on the Sunshine Coast is an especially wonderful time. The days are long and bright, the water is warm(er) but always refreshing, and there is always something to do outside. From kayaking and mountain biking to sitting on your own or someone else's deck and drinking a cold beer. I honestly feel a little… Continue reading Summer’s Still Here