Summer’s Still Here

Summertime on the Sunshine Coast is an especially wonderful time. The days are long and bright, the water is warm(er) but always refreshing, and there is always something to do outside. From kayaking and mountain biking to sitting on your own or someone else's deck and drinking a cold beer. I honestly feel a little… Continue reading Summer’s Still Here

Blue Monday Happiness

Today is unofficially marked as "Blue Monday" - the so-called "most depressing day of the year". There's some pseudo-science calculation behind it that has to do with the weather/length between holidays/bills arriving after Christmas. If you're in Australia right now, you're probably fine. We had a not very relaxing weekend, I've worked 11 of the… Continue reading Blue Monday Happiness

Island, n., Piece of land surrounded by water

Yesterday Peter and I took off for an afternoon adventure. The sky was blue, the weather was crisply cold and there was a park nearby that we hadn't visited yet. The park is called Island 22 and is very much not an island. I can say this as someone who lived on an island for… Continue reading Island, n., Piece of land surrounded by water