2021 Highlights: Week 25

I'm writing this a little earlier than usual because I know we have a busy weekend coming up. We're at the beginning of a heat wave, with projected temperatures of 35 and 40 degrees next week. My rainy West Coast background means that when it's sunny I feel the need to be outside all the… Continue reading 2021 Highlights: Week 25

Ethical Shopping

I've meant to share some of my favourite ethical brands for a while and with the Christmas shopping season about to begin, it seems like the right time. For about a year-and-a-half now I've been on a quest to source our clothes as ethically as possible. Buying clothes for the girls I felt convicted of… Continue reading Ethical Shopping

30 Day Dress Challenge 2016 – Day 11

See it in 2013 here and in 2014 here. (Strangely enough, I also wore it on Day 11 in 2014.) Okay, so I'm aware that this is a bit of cheating. I would never wear this without leggings so does it actually count as a dress? I'm pushing the definition here because we had yet… Continue reading 30 Day Dress Challenge 2016 – Day 11

Day 27 – 30 Day Dress Challenge 2014

Today is one of those days on the West Coast when people make corny jokes like, "Summer's over. Hope you enjoyed all 2 days of it!" Don't worry - I make them too. It was either grey or raining all day which ruined my sandal plan. I'm getting a lot more wear out of my… Continue reading Day 27 – 30 Day Dress Challenge 2014

Day 12 – 30 Day Dress Challenge 2014

Because it's a cloudy June day, this is what I've looked like most of today. Sweater over dress - add some tights and boots and I'm ready for fall. Here's what the dress looks like: The Dress: I believe this is called seersucker. I always thought only people in the southern USA wore seersucker but… Continue reading Day 12 – 30 Day Dress Challenge 2014