Day 12 – 30 Day Dress Challenge 2014


Because it’s a cloudy June day, this is what I’ve looked like most of today. Sweater over dress – add some tights and boots and I’m ready for fall.

Here’s what the dress looks like:


The Dress: I believe this is called seersucker. I always thought only people in the southern USA wore seersucker but here I am. I bought this dress at H&M in the summer of 2014, just a few weeks before my wedding. It always reminds me of that summer – wedding prep, honeymooning. I remember climbing a tree to hang lights for the reception while wearing this dress.


I wore shoes this time! But my robot photographer couldn’t get both my face and my feet in the shot so here they are. Also, a gift from Peter for my last birthday – bought locally.


I even managed to get a shot of my earrings. They’re glass roses purchased in Venice. Peter spotted this in the window of a shop on our first day there. I opted to keep looking around before I chose my souvenir of the city. We saw lots of glass (figurines, bowls, coasters, you name it) but could never find the shop that had the roses again. Finally, on our last day, we stumbled across them again. Or a different shop with the same earrings. We were never sure.


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