Pearl is 4!

Our Pearl. She is curious and imaginative and very observant. She loves cars (her chosen party theme) and dinosaurs. She loves playing with her cars and has elaborate worlds built up around her car family (as she calls them). She's very relational in her play and everything is always sorted into families. Pearl loves looking… Continue reading Pearl is 4!

No, this isn’t her hair cut

When I'm out and about with Pearl I typically have some form of this conversation with a stranger: "How old is your little fellow?" "She's twenty months." "Oh, I'm sorry, I thought..." "Yeah, she doesn't have much hair yet." It really does not matter what she's wearing. Wearing a floral-patterned romper, wearing her pink coat… Continue reading No, this isn’t her hair cut

Autumn Leaves and Gumboots

Please enjoy this picture of my child posing with an apple from which she has taken several tiny bites: Also, she chose to wear that romper over top of the clothes I had dressed her in. I did not expect battles over clothing to begin so early in our mother-daughter relationship. Every September I feel… Continue reading Autumn Leaves and Gumboots

30 Day Dress Challenge 2016 – Day 5

(See the dress in previous years here and here.) Hey, a new background! Check out our crazy climbing roses. This dress is from Vero Moda and I bought in Prague way back in 2008. I had planned to wear a different dress today but the temperature has jumped up this weekend and so sleeves were… Continue reading 30 Day Dress Challenge 2016 – Day 5