Autumn Leaves and Gumboots

Please enjoy this picture of my child posing with an apple from which she has taken several tiny bites:


Also, she chose to wear that romper over top of the clothes I had dressed her in. I did not expect battles over clothing to begin so early in our mother-daughter relationship.

Every September I feel like the only person on the internet who isn’t super excited about fall. I mean, I like fall but my favourite season is definitely summer. Living on the West Coast means that autumn is not about crisp leaves and bright cold days. It’s about rain and more rain. And I’m a Vancouver girl so I actually like the rain but I also know that I’m going to be seeing a lot of it in the next months.

I also have a really take-it-or-leave-it attitude about pumpkins. Phew. Feels good to confess all that.

Pearl, however, loves the autumn leaves. She likes to collect as many as she can and then scatter them all over the playground.


This time last year, I had a baby who had just started crawling so I could get away with spending a lot more time indoors. However, since last spring, Pearl and I have spent time outside almost every single day and I do want to continue that. Gum boots and toddler rain suits are essential wardrobe items here.

It’s recently been extra stormy around here with wind and weather warnings. We’re fortunate in our part of the world to avoid a lot of extreme weather but for once we were being told we should prepare for power outages and stock up on canned food. In the end, it was a lot of rain and some strong winds.

That stormy Friday, Pearl and I did spend most of the day inside. I made cookies and a second pot of coffee and, aside from a quick run to the mailbox, we didn’t set foot outdoors. Fortunately, the mailbox held Pearl’s latest book from the Dolly Parton Imagination Library and that kept her pretty entertained for a while. In the afternoon I got a phone call from the hospital to confirm my 20 week ultrasound and had to phone back to inform them that I was no longer pregnant. Pearl only napped for an hour and a half and I was feeling pretty crummy so I did something we rarely do and let Pearl have some screen time.

I found The Littlest Hobo on Youtube, set Pearl and I up with some snacks and we cuddled together while we watched the dog help a man wrongfully accused of murder. Pearl loved it – she helpfully pointed out whenever the dog was onscreen – and I felt a lot better too.

I’m doing lots of reading, lots of coffee drinking, and lots of toddler cuddling.

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