El Bachelore – Episode 5

Like I've said previously, I knew nothing about our Bachelor going into this season. Five episodes in, I'm ready to form my opinion. I don't like him. Let's delve into why. We're in Vietnam and there are eleven ladies left. "This is, like, nature! It's water, trees, sun!" - Clare describes Vietnam. And what nature… Continue reading El Bachelore – Episode 5

El Bachelore – Episode 4

Herein begins the travelling, a round-the-world visit of "the most perfect places to fall in love." "I'm excited to start dating somewhere else." - Juan Pablo Does he realise that the Ladies are coming too? You're dating the same 13 women, just in a different place. Don't get too excited, dude. Chris Harrison tells the… Continue reading El Bachelore – Episode 4

El Bachelore – Episode 2

The episode opens with a shot of Molly the Dog swimming in the pool. Probably the highlight of the episode. Though that would also make me not want to swim in the pool anymore. One-on-One Date with Clare Clare allows herself to be blindfolded and gets into a car with a man she's only met… Continue reading El Bachelore – Episode 2

It’s Coming…The Bachelor 2014

That's right, we are only weeks away from the newest season of The Bachelor. Hope you can handle your excitement. I didn't watch the last season of The Bachelorette (Desiree's) so I actually know almost nothing about our latest bachelor. His name is Juan Pablo, he's from somewhere in South America, and I think he… Continue reading It’s Coming…The Bachelor 2014

The Bachelor Sean – Episode 4: Facts and Quotes

"It seems like everything's going very, very well." - Chris Harrison, who must have just gotten the recap from an intern somewhere. Fact: Sean's closet is not that tidy. I bet AshLee the Professional Organizer could help him with that. "I want to take it to the next level and then the next level and… Continue reading The Bachelor Sean – Episode 4: Facts and Quotes

The Bachelor Episode 2: The Week in Quotes

Shirtless Sean count: 6 scenes First date goes to....Sarah! "I didn't need an explanation, she's gorgeous!" - Bachelor Sean, referring to Sarah's explanation about the fact that she has only one arm. Sean may not need an explanation but it seems like the camera operators do. There were a ridiculous number of close-ups of Sarah's… Continue reading The Bachelor Episode 2: The Week in Quotes