El Bachelore – What Went Wrong?

I've reached the point with The Bachelor that I reach in just about every season. Boredom. I enjoy the first few episodes and I enjoy the last couple of episodes but in the middle...you lose me. Next week is Hometown Dates which I always enjoy so I think I will likely be back to recapping… Continue reading El Bachelore – What Went Wrong?

El Bachelore – Episode 5

Like I've said previously, I knew nothing about our Bachelor going into this season. Five episodes in, I'm ready to form my opinion. I don't like him. Let's delve into why. We're in Vietnam and there are eleven ladies left. "This is, like, nature! It's water, trees, sun!" - Clare describes Vietnam. And what nature… Continue reading El Bachelore – Episode 5

El Bachelore – Episode 4

Herein begins the travelling, a round-the-world visit of "the most perfect places to fall in love." "I'm excited to start dating somewhere else." - Juan Pablo Does he realise that the Ladies are coming too? You're dating the same 13 women, just in a different place. Don't get too excited, dude. Chris Harrison tells the… Continue reading El Bachelore – Episode 4

El Bachelore – Episode 2

The episode opens with a shot of Molly the Dog swimming in the pool. Probably the highlight of the episode. Though that would also make me not want to swim in the pool anymore. One-on-One Date with Clare Clare allows herself to be blindfolded and gets into a car with a man she's only met… Continue reading El Bachelore – Episode 2

It’s Coming…The Bachelor 2014

That's right, we are only weeks away from the newest season of The Bachelor. Hope you can handle your excitement. I didn't watch the last season of The Bachelorette (Desiree's) so I actually know almost nothing about our latest bachelor. His name is Juan Pablo, he's from somewhere in South America, and I think he… Continue reading It’s Coming…The Bachelor 2014