Bachelor Canada – Episode 7 – Women Tell All

I've delayed with this episode's recap because, well, I just really don't care. The best thing about Wednesday night's episode was that it was short. Generally, the Women Tell All (WTA) episode is hyped as being super dramatic and the women leave nothing unsaid and then it's pretty disappointing and not much new is brought… Continue reading Bachelor Canada – Episode 7 – Women Tell All

Bachelor Canada – Episode 6

We have (very quickly) reached the ickiest episode of The Bachelor - the fantasy dates. The Bachelor Canada departed from its American predecessor by locating these three dates in Canada, rather than a tropical location. Brad and our three remaining ladies (Bianka, Kara, and Whitney) head east to the Canadian Maritimes. Somewhere I hope to… Continue reading Bachelor Canada – Episode 6

The Bachelor Canada – Episode 5 (Hometown Dates)

Episode 5 and we're already on hometown dates. The show begins with a long re-hash of Brad's journey for love and all the ladies are so special and blah blah blah. Hey! Brad's driving along Dallas Road by Beacon Hill Park - just to his left is a beach where Peter and I got engaged… Continue reading The Bachelor Canada – Episode 5 (Hometown Dates)

The Bachelor Canada – Episode 3

This past week has been busy/exhausting, hence the recent blog neglect. Obviously, you've all been waiting on the edge of your seats for my thoughts on the most recent episode of The Bachelor. Well, here it is (non-Bachelor related blogness will come soon!) The episode opens with host Tyler Harcott (I think that's his name)… Continue reading The Bachelor Canada – Episode 3

The Bachelor Canada

Last night, history was made. And you may have missed it. Wednesday evening was the premiere of the first ever Bachelor Canada. This guy - That's Brad Smith. Brad is a professional football player in the Canadian Football League (CFL). Now, for those non-Canadians of you out there who are impressed, let me burst your… Continue reading The Bachelor Canada