The Bachelor Canada

Last night, history was made. And you may have missed it. Wednesday evening was the premiere of the first ever Bachelor Canada.

This guy –

That’s Brad Smith. Brad is a professional football player in the Canadian Football League (CFL). Now, for those non-Canadians of you out there who are impressed, let me burst your bubble. The CFL, as awesome as it is, is not a high-paying gig. No one’s making big bucks playing money for the CFL. Most players in the league have to find other jobs during the off-season to pay the bills. My husband, who is a CFL fan, tells me that Brad’s frequent trades within the league mean he’s probably not that good. Though still good enough to play football at a professional level. Brad’s father is also apparently a Canadian senator so I’m thinking that our Bachelor is doing okay for pocket money. (I can’t even say senator’s son without getting CCR stuck in my head.)

The show is filmed in Victoria, BC, a city I know and love well so I’m looking forward to glimpsing places I recognize. A friend who watched with us last night asked if we knew the mansion that they were filming out. Nope, definitely didn’t live in that neighbourhood. I did however correctly guess that it’s in the Bear Mountain area.

So far, the Bachelor Canada seems to follow the same format that we’re familiar with from the good ol’ American Bachelor. Drama, crying, roses. Maybe love but let’s not get our hopes up. The previews for the season also promise helicopters because, really, what is The Bachelor without helicopters?

Some highlights from last night:

– This:

That’s right, the diamond in the ring has been replaced with a maple leaf. Because it’s Canadian. Not gonna lie, I would wear that ring. Not as my engagement ring though. Is this letting us know that the ring at the end will not be something flashy from Neil Lane?

– Brad Smith say “like”. A lot. In all fairness, I do too. Then again, I’m not on TV.

– Contestant Bianka once dated a basketball player. She’s not naming names but will show us a picture of her with Kris Humphries (aka Kim Kardashian’s husband of 72 days). Even weirder, Bianka kind of looks like Kim.

– Contestant Chantelle is a pastor. That seems so, so, so contrary to everything the Bachelor stands for. I’m curious as to how she’ll play out. She has this very soft, sweet voice and a little giggle that the guys I watched with described as “cute at first and then I never want to hear it again.”

– Contestant Melissa Marie is a Playboy model. That’s a full-time job? I really don’t see her fitting in with the senator’s family.

– Host Tyler (he’s no Chris Harrison) says it’s “our turn” to find love. Made even more weird but how excited he seems and how he keeps describing the ladies as “amazing” and “sexy”.

– Brad Smith’s bio says he’s 6’1″ but I’m gonna say right now that he’s lying. Host Tyler was at least a head taller than him and the majority of the women seemed to tower over Brad. My husband is 6’1″ and I’m not a short girl but even when I wear high heels, he’s still taller than me.

– Brad Smith speaks French, like a good Canadian Bachelor should. (He’s from Quebec.)

– Contestant Stephanie is a model/neuroscientist? Peter has pegged her as the winner.

– Contestant Gabrielle has already been cast as the villain, with particular drama between her and Contestant Whitney (who received the First Impression Rose).

– In a bold move, Brad Smith cut the token Asian contestant in the very first rose ceremony. My fellow viewers and I discussed why more Asians don’t enter to be on The Bachelor and decided it was because there families would be extra horrified.

– Contestant Rebecca’s friends call her “Bubba”. What the what?

– Jillian Harris (a Canadian lady who was the Bachelorette a few seasons ago) shows up to help Brad Smith make his choices. They’d never met before but I’m sure that was super helpful. (She likes Chantelle but thinks Mindy is only a friend.)

So now, based on my impressions of this first episode, I’m going to pick the four women I think will be there at the end:


Laura B.



Honestly, none of the contestants really jumped out at me so these are sort of random guesses but I guess we’ll see what happens!

Anybody else out there watching this with me?

Disclaimer: These are all promo pictures from I don’t own any of them.

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