The Bachelor Canada – Episode 5 (Hometown Dates)

Episode 5 and we’re already on hometown dates. The show begins with a long re-hash of Brad’s journey for love and all the ladies are so special and blah blah blah. Hey! Brad’s driving along Dallas Road by Beacon Hill Park – just to his left is a beach where Peter and I got engaged more than three years ago!

Date #1 – Bianka

  • Bianka takes Brad to Mississauga. Now, I’ve been to Mississauga. I know some lovely people who live there. It’s not, however, the most exciting place in the world. It’s a suburb.
  • Bianka has only brought one guy home before. Was it Kris Humphries?
  • She takes Brad for ice cream. Where it turns out she’s a regular? I love ice cream but I don’t think you should be a regular at an ice cream parlour. I would feel bad about myself if I went for ice cream so often that the employees knew my name.
  • Brad and Bianka both pick mint chocolate chip as their favourite flavour! They are so meant to be together! (Actually, that’s also my favourite flavour. It’s kind of a popular flavour. Not with my dad though. I used to pick mint chocolate so that my dad wouldn’t take a big bite out of my cone. Sorry Dad!)
  • Bianka tells Brad her parents don’t speak English (you’d think this would have come up before) and Brad gets nervous.
  • Bianka’s Croatian? My husband makes me feel racist for saying that Bianka doesn’t look Croatian but, come on, was anyone else surprised?
  • Brad and Bianka enter the home and Bianka begins to speak to her parents in Croatian. Then, surprise! they do speak English. It was a trick! I thought it was kind of funny.

Date #2: Kara

  • The bottom of the screen has been telling us the whole season that Kara is from Delta but suddenly we see her standing at Granville Island. Turns out, Kara’s one of those people who tells folks she’s from Vancouver when she’s actually from a different, less interesting place. Own your hometown, Kara! Bianka didn’t try and convince anyone she’s from Toronto! (As someone who actually is from Vancouver, I take this very seriously.)
  • It’s raining. Obviously. Kara rightfully says this is “the real Vancouver experience”.
  • They take a boat tour of English Bay.
  • They seem to kiss after every sentence. Which I guess could be romantic, except for the fact that their kisses are short and very non-romantic. In the real world, Kara’s probably the best match for Brad but I don’t think he’s going to pick her.
  • Kara says “super” a lot.
  • Not shown: the long drive Brad and Kara had from Granville Island to Delta. Because she’s not actually from Vancouver.
  • As they sit down to dinner, one of Kara’s references uses the word “lambsicle”. Is that a food? Frozen lamb? I like lamb but that sounds super unappetizing. Our friend and viewing partner claims that Kara’s family must be Greek. You know, because only the Greek eat lamb.
  • Kara knows 100% that she’s in love.
  • Brad could see himself falling in love. Yeah, Kara’s getting cut next week.

Date #3: Gabrielle.

  • Back to suburban Ontario – Oakville!
  • Why am I just realizing now that Bianka, Kara, and Gabrielle all look remarkably similar? Brad definitely has a type!
  • Gabrielle and Brad haven’t had any 1-on-1 dates with Brad. Now she’s bringing him home to meet her family. That’s totally normal, right?
  • First she takes him to a seniors rec centre where she volunteers twice a week. Now, I’m sure she does and that it’s lovely but it didn’t really seem like the seniors they sat down with to play Bingo actually knew Gabrielle. Brad tried to get them to say nice things about her but he asked such leading questions it was hard to know what they actually thought. If someone asks you, “Isn’t Gabrielle such a lovely person?” and Gabrielle isn’t sitting next to you, of course you’re going to say, “Yes”.
  • Gabrielle’s cousin Paris thinks Brad is like diamonds and would be a great stripper. I think Paris really wants to be on TV.
  • Her mom really likes Brad. Like, in a way that makes me uncomfortable.
  • Gabrielle and Paris talk in the kitchen while eating Triscuits in a totally normal way. That actually might be the most blatant product placement I’ve ever seen.
  • Brad refers to Gabrielle (which is a beautiful name) as “Gabs”, which is terrible.

Date #4: Whitney

  • This date in Calgary starts with a joke when Whitney claims to have a soft side. Haha, good one, Whit! We all know you’re made of stone!
  • Whitney takes Brad bobsledding, which is pretty cool because that’s where the team from Cool Runnings competed and Cool Runnings is a hilarious film. (The real Olympic team, not the film one.)
  • They sit on a bench and talk and I was very distracted that a random Tilley hat was on the bench beside them. I’m sure it belonged to a member of the film crew but I was also really hoping that Brad and Whitney would get up at the end of the conversation and Whitney would put that hat on.
  • Whitney has a twin sister. Her sister’s face seems to be able to show emotion though.
  • Whitney’s dad, on the other hand, does not have a very expressive face. Maybe it’s genetic. Brad seems to think her dad expresses his emotions very well.
  • Her dad is intense. Her mom seems friendly and flighty
  • Whitney won’t come out and say that she likes Brad. Even when her dad puts her on the spot and asks if she likes Brad she deflects and says she knew they had chemistry right away. Which doesn’t really mean anything. Brad justifiably sees this as a red flag.

Rose Ceremony

  • Host Tyler comes in and says this was an inspiring week. Really? Did I miss the scene where one of the ladies cured cancer or did something worthy of the word “inspiring”? Words have real meanings, Tyler, you can’t just throw them out at random.
  • There are cherry blossoms outside! Since they’re in Victoria that means it was probably March.
  • Kara, Bianka, and Whitney all got roses.
  • Gabrielle doesn’t seem too upset at all. Which is a pretty normal response to saying good-bye to a guy you haven’t even had a date with. Good for her. Brad had, like, a super time.

Last Lady Standing: Right now, I’m going to say it’s Bianka. I think Kara’s getting friend-zoned and Brad is (hopefully) starting to realize Whitney is crazy and has never participated in a real conversation with him.


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