Stories about Pie

Isn’t it kind of crazy that this:

Can become this:

Baking pies has always seemed to me the epitome of domesticity. Good pie crust seems like such a simple thing but it is not an easy achievement. I’ve tried a number of different recipes and I think this apple pie was one of my more successful ones. I used a variation on this recipe. (If you’re looking for a good recipe website, I almost always have luck with The Pioneer Woman, particularly when it comes to classic, homestyle cooking.) My favourite part of the recipe I followed though was her tip on rolling out your dough between two sheets of parchment. It worked so well! Using parchment meant I didn’t have to handle the dough as much or add a lot of flour to keep it from sticking. Two downfalls my pastry always seems to run into. For the pie filling, I just kind of threw stuff together until it tasted good.

(Funny true story about me: As a child I refused to eat any pie but meat pie. I only liked meat pie. Which is bizarre because I definitely have a sweet tooth and always have. But I even refused to eat my Oma’s homemade pies and everyone knows that Oma pies are the best! I really don’t know where this conviction come from or what changed it but I definitely enjoy all kinds of pies now.)

This all sounds pretty wholesome, doesn’t it? Picking apples, baking pie. Well, I’ll go one better…while I picked apples, a butterfly landed on my face. One of those little white ones* that are very common around here. I want to say it was a magical moment but in truth I just had a twitchy freak out because a bug was on my face. I’m not terrified of insects by any means but I certainly prefer for them to respect my personal space.

(* Moth update: After a little research I think it was actually a Satin Moth. So, less magical, I suppose. )

Speaking of my face…If any teenagers are reading this, let me be the first to tell you that pimples will continue to happen to you, even when you’re closer to 30 than 20. They just do. Sorry. Consider yourself warned.

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