Rainforest Living

Yesterday evening Peter and I sat down to dinner and Pete immediately jumped up to grab the camera. “Don’t you want to talk a picture of this meal?” he asked.

So, here it is:

That’s chicken pot pie and butternut squash soup. And a glass of wine. I made everything but the wine! I think the fact my husband wanted to take a picture of this meal should tell you that I’m hardly this domestic every day. This was my second time making chicken pot pie from scratch and I love it! It’s really not as hard as it might seem and it’s so, so yummy. Plus, once you start making it, it’s easy to make extra and freeze. Yesterday I added apples from our yard for a little extra crunch.

Also, a golf ball we found on the beach.

The weather has changed. Autumn is definitely here. We’ve had a couple of nights of rain so heavy that it’s woken me. And I’m a deep sleeper. It was easy to forget over the summer that we live in a rainforest. Now it’s hard to forget. Fortunately, I have spent the majority of my life on the West Coast and I kind of love the rain. (Most days.)

Once the weather changed I pulled all my clothes out of storage and unpacked. It was way more exciting than I thought it would be. Since we left Chilliwack in June and spent the summer housesitting and in a state of uncertainty about our future, I was living with a smaller, strictly summer wardrobe. Seeing old favourites again was almost as much fun as buying new clothes! Plus, I gave away a whole bunch of clothes and couldn’t remember some of what I’d kept or gotten rid of. So there were some nice surprises too.

I’m also delving into the world of on-line shopping. I’ve never really bought clothes on-line, just jewellery and books. But now that I live in the remote wild, I have fewer options. (Actually, that’s only partly true. There’s a few clothing stores in Sechelt that I like, as well as some good thrift stores.) In an effort to find some good deals though I braved the internet. If my new arrivals looks good, I might share them with you!

That’s a storm coming across from Vancouver Island (we face Nanaimo).

4 thoughts on “Rainforest Living”

  1. I’m a little (no, a lot) jealous of your West Coast rainy weather. I feel like I got one month of Fall, and now it’s Winter here already! At least what I consider Winter.

  2. Online shopping has opened a whole new world for the “remote wild” – it used to be only the Sears catalogue! I wonder now if Sears is still printing the Wishbook just for the sake of nostalgia. PS – might need to get that squash soup recipe from you, looks good!

    1. That’s true – I didn’t think about how fortunate I am to be able to order online and receive things in a few days, as oppose to pioneer days when you have one store catalogue and it takes months to arrive! As for the soup…in the spring I made it from a recipe from Donna Hay and last night I made it from what I could remember of the recipe. It was good but better with the actual recipe!

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