Rose is 1!

For this child I prayed and the Lord has granted me what I asked of Him.

1 Samuel 1:27-28


Rose is one! She is an absolute sweetheart of a baby – full of smiles and laughs – and we couldn’t love her more. Rose is quirky and affectionate and determined and has a happy nature. She almost always has a smile for anyone who looks her way. She is our social baby but still clings to those she knows best.


Rose has taken a few steps on her own but prefers to crawl in order to move around quickly. She can climb up stairs (not down) but will also often simply sit still and yell until someone brings her what she wants.


Rose is always eager to follow after her big sister but has also learned to be cautious of Pearl. Mostly, they get along and enjoy each other and occasionally we even see glimmers of them playing together.

(They were holding hands.)

This past weekend we celebrated Rose’s birth with a few friends and family. Rose ate an entire cupcake (I think she has a sweet tooth) and was showered with love.


While the circumstances around Rose’s birth were not quite so dramatic as her big sister’s, I think of Rose’s life and birth as just as much of a miracle. In some ways, I prayed for and over her more than I did with Pearl. Every day I was pregnant with Rose I thanked God for her existence and prayed that I might get to meet her. Peter and I prayed fervently for her before we ever knew there would be a Rose Constance. She is a far greater, more beautiful, more powerful answer to prayer than we ever could have imagined.



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