Life: So Long, Summer!

No, summer’s not officially over but today is Labour Day and tomorrow is back to school and the end of our sweet summer schedule. Summer for our family means Peter works a little bit less and I work a little bit more and we have a lot of time for fun in the middle. It means getting to fully enjoy this beautiful place we live and it means a lot of time outdoors, on the water, and at the beach. So, please enjoy a whole bunch of pictures of us doing just that. (Or, feel free to ignore this whole post and come back Wednesday for a book review!)

I feel like this picture really encapsulates summer for my kids. Swim suits, hot dogs, sunshine, filthy faces, perfectly happy.

Ruby Lake, Madeira Park, and Triple Bs

Our more relaxed summer schedule has meant more time to host friends. This is something Peter and I always aim for but it sometimes slips to the wayside with busy schedules. This summer I felt like we were really able to enjoy time with friends and use our home to host those we care about and it was so good to take time to catch up with people we love. Most of these people live close by but it’s easy to let too much time pass without really spending it together. Looking back over the summer I’m also realizing how much Pearl has grown in having other kids in her house. Not so long ago, it was really hard for her to share her space and toys with other kids but this summer that wasn’t as much of an issue.

Friends on our back deck.

Speaking of growing up…

These 2 have grown up a lot. They fight, they hug (sometimes too fiercely), they play together, they make each other laugh. They love to be together and they chase each other away. They are very different but also have a lot in common. I also happen to think they’re both absolutely adorable.

Pearl is very firmly four-and-a-half and I love this age. She is creative and independent and weird and funny. She knows exactly how things should be (or how she thinks they should be) and will firmly tell us. She still takes a while to warm up to people but once she does, you definitely know. This summer she did great taking an art class, swim lessons, and a gymnastics class. She also got her first haircut – something she was far more prepared for than I was. She has loved camping and time at the beach and having Dad home more often but she is also a total homebody (a lot like her mother!) and needs time at home in between all our adventures.

I’m feeling very aware that we have only one more year with Pearl at home full-time before she starts school. I don’t mourn the time passing because I know how fortunate we are to have a healthy, growing child but I do want to be intentional about enjoying this time with her before it’s gone.

Rose is right at the cusp of two, with all the hilarity and frustration and cuteness that brings. And, oh man, she is cute! She still doesn’t have a lot of words but they are steadily growing. “Me” and “mine” are probably her most used words. She doesn’t say her name or her sister’s but will say the name of a friend’s dog. (Most dogs are just called “woofs”.) She wants to do everything on her own and loves to copy whatever her big sister is doing. She is still a voracious cuddler and I treasure the moments we have together, just Rose and I, in the mornings. She loves babies and dolls but will also play with cars and loves playing in water. She’s been an awesome camper and traveller this summer and continues to be a terrific eater, even if she is losing her adorable chubby baby cheeks.

Also, please enjoy these pictures of Rose, taken by Pearl:

Other highlights of the summer:

The whirlwind weekend that is the Sunshine Coast Festival of the Written Arts. It was especially fun for me this year having read so many of the authors. I really enjoyed hearing Rachel Geise, Michael Klein, Elizabeth Hay, Darrell MacLeod, and Randy Boyagoda and getting to catch up with Suko Thanh, who I went to school with. This is a working weekend for me so I don’t get to hear 100% of the authors’ talks but it’s a fun and stimulating environment and such a great event.

Peter and I celebrated our nine-year-anniversary! Almost twelve years since we met and started dating and nine years since our wedding day. I count myself so, so lucky to have this guy. He’s funny, patient, smart, and compassionate. We work well together.

We took the day to celebrate, browsing kid-free through thrift stores and second-hand shops, eating ice cream, and going out to dinner. We returned home to find both of our children awake way past their bedtimes but it was worth it!

Still not great at selfies…

We also went on a weekend trip to Powell River! We initially planned to camp there but we could never quite make it work so when Peter found a cheap motel deal, we jumped on it. (The Island View Lodge, FYI. A motel, but clean and well-kept with the friendliest hotel owners you’ve ever met. Breakfast included!)

We swam, kayaked, drove, hiked, ate, and explored. I could probably wrote a whole post about our time in Powell River but I’ll just say that we had a lot of fun.

And I’ll end with one of all of us:

I hope your summer has been amazing!

7 thoughts on “Life: So Long, Summer!”

  1. Beautiful pictures! And sounds like the perfect way to spend your anniversary! My husband and I spent our anniversary (our 21st) helping our oldest move in to her university dorm room. We didn’t even remember that it was our anniversary until we got home and his parents called to wish us a happy anniversary. Oops! 🙂

    1. Hahaha! Sounds like you had plenty else going on! We’re hoping to do something big for next year’s anniversary (our 10th) but this year was just perfect.

  2. […] Our family recently returned from a week away in Powell River. For those of you not from around here, Powell River is the northern part of the Sunshine Coast. After about an hour’s drive from our house, we take a ferry to Saltery Bay. Powell River is an old mill town with a chain of lakes and some great early 20th century architecture. It’s both more remote and an older area than our part of the Sunshine Coast. Peter and I have made a couple of visits there together, most recently last summer. (You can read about that trip here.) […]

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