Easter 2020

As it did for so many, Easter looked very different for our family this year. For us, Easter is centred around gathering with our church – a Good Friday service, sometimes an early morning beach service on Sunday morning, followed by the main service at church, full of excitement. For the past four years we’ve always done a backyard Easter hunt for the kids and we usually have at least one big meal with family.

Early in March, when we were advised to stock up on essentials and everyone was buying toilet paper like crazy, Peter came home with a bag full of Easter candy. “I want to make sure the girls get their Easter hunt,” he told me. It seemed a little extreme to me then but I’m so thankful he did because of all the things on our list, the only one that stayed the same was that backyard Easter hunt.

I’m also in the habit of collecting books and toys and things as I see them and stashing them away until a gift giving opportunity comes around so I had books at the ready to include.

As a Christian, the Biblical story of Jesus’ death and resurrection is at the centre of how we celebrate Easter. While the chocolate and the hunting was probably the highlight of the weekend for our girls, we also had fun doing daily devotionals and talking about the Easter story together. I was fortunate to have an easy, age appropriate curriculum to go through from church and our amazing children’s pastor even delivered this basket of goodies to our doorstep:

Pearl enjoyed recreating key stories using Duplo:

And although we couldn’t gather together with our church at any point over the weekend, we did get to join in for live-streamed services on both Good Friday and Easter Sunday. While in Vancouver in January (which feels about 3 years ago!) Pearl and Rose picked out matching dresses and we said they could be their Easter dresses. They’ve been very excited to wear them and so on Easter Sunday we all got dressed up, even Peter and I. It felt a little silly but in the end I’m glad we did as it added to making the day feel special.

Family photo courtesy of camera timer + tripod

We opted to forgo a more traditional Easter dinner and decided instead to make lasagna.

Other fun things we did over the long weekend:

  • delivered books for the local bookstore to customers who can’t get out right now
  • painted rocks to hide for a local scavenger hunt
  • visited a new beach in Gibsons
  • spent the afternoon at one of our favourite local sandy beaches where the girls went in the ocean for the first time this year.
  • had picnics in the backyard and “treat picnics” in the little forest at the end of the road
  • rode bikes
  • had an at-home date; we obviously can’t go and eat in a restaurant or bring in a babysitter right now so Peter and I decided to order out, buy a bottle of wine, and have a date night after the girls went to bed.

I hope your weekend was full of little joys and some relaxation too!

5 thoughts on “Easter 2020”

  1. I love that you all dressed up for Easter! I was watching a local news duo who both dressed up this morning, almost like they were going to homecoming or something. They said that getting “full-on dressed” feels rare, as business casual is not the same thing. It was sweet, and they also talked about date nights, too. Thank you for sharing!

    1. That sounds like fun! I saw an article about a couple who put on their wedding clothes to have a date at home. We’ve done at-home dates before when we haven’t been able to get a babysitter so it didn’t feel too weird. It was fun to have something to look forward to all week.

  2. Happy (belated) Easter! Your photos are all so nice, and it looks like Pearl and Rose had a good time. 🙂 It was great thinking ahead on your husband’s part to pick up some Easter candy early! And I particularly like the Duplo renderings of Bible scenes! I just love your family updates, especially these days when it’s nice to have the reminder that things are weird all over but that we’re all finding new and inventive ways to keep up with the things that are important to us and cope with the isolation. It’s great to see you guys finding a bit of joy with each other even in trying times.

    1. Thank you! We did have a nice weekend, even if it was different than usual. I’m glad you enjoyed Pearl’s Duplo scenes! If you look closely, you might notice that a lot of people are sitting down at Palm Sunday; she thought it would be nice if people had chairs!

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