2021 Highlights: Week 45

This has been a strange week of ups and downs. We’ve had some really extreme weather this year, somewhat alarmingly so as its clear we are seeing the real world results of climate change. Our region traditionally is one of mild weather – we get a lot of rain but our summers are not super hot and our winters are not super cold. After our heat dome summer, this fall has seemed full of opposite extremes. High winds, LOTS of rain (not necessarily unusual but jarring after the drought we just came out of). Last week, Vancouver actually had a tornado which I don’t remember ever happening there before. Rain is obviously not unusual in a rainforest but we’ve had so much this fall already that it entails weather warnings. Last week we had wind warnings and a power outage (something else that seems to be happening more frequently this year). While most of the Coast had their power restored over night, we were part of 11 houses that were without power until Tuesday afternoon.

Recently, there was footage of waterspouts seen over the ocean in Vancouver. We are typically not a region of extreme weather. We don’t get super hot, we don’t get super cold. We don’t get a lot of snow and we don’t have big storms. Every few years there might be one big wind storm but we don’t experience tornados or hurricanes. So far this fall we’ve already had multiple extreme weather warnings, a few days of wind warnings, and a few power outages. While the girls were eating cereal by candlelight before school on Tuesday and I was still in my pyjamas, someone knocked on our door. It was a district employee, explaining that they were investigating a leak on our street and would have to turn off our water for about half an hour. I won’t say that that man lied to me but I will say that it was eight hours later that our water came back on. About an hour and a half after our power came back. To complain about a lack of water and electricity is obviously a reminder of how privileged we are to have access to these things every day, it’s still a huge inconvenience and very disruptive to my day.

A grey, autumn day in the neighbourhood. (Peep that ocean view!)

Our week recovered from there and on Thursday we observed Remembrance Day here in Canada. Peter and Pearl both had the day off and we enjoyed a quiet day at home together and then hosted our community group for dinner. Back to work and school on Friday left us all with a funny, mixed-up feeling, which Rose and I combatted by making a cake for no reason.

So, not a lot to report here but we are safe and healthy and eating cake so things are okay!

Bedtime stories

4 thoughts on “2021 Highlights: Week 45”

  1. I want some Apple Space Cake!! Yeah, weather’s getting strange all over – some areas of Scotland have had a water shortage this year which is unheard of. Meanwhile here, the rain it raineth every day, and when it doesn’t we’re getting fogs. We’ve been hosting COP26, of course, so the city has been full of (very well-behaved) activists for the last two weeks, and climate change naturally has been the only subject being discussed.

    1. We all kind of laugh at extreme rain warnings here because if there’s anything we understand, it’s rain. But it is SO much right now and it’s actually causing damage in some parts.

  2. Okay, don’t judge, but that last picture of bedtime reading made me cry. It’s so sweet. Little Rose is snuggled up with you and Justin Beaver. Pearl, who is a bit more grown up but still little, peeks over the railing to join in. Muh heart. ❤ ❤ ❤

    I don't know why children call something the incorrect name and double down with it, but I find it endearing. My niece used to love watching baseball with the family when she was around 3. Her favorite player was named Prince Fielder, but you would ask her, "who is your favorite player?" and without hesitation, she would say, "QUEEN!"

    1. You never have to apologize here for being sentimental over pictures of my kids because I probably have that reaction ever day!

      Oh my goodness, that is so funny and cute about your niece! I love stuff like that. My girls love the Cars movies but consistently call the main character Lightning the Queen rather than Lightning McQueen.

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