2022 Highlights: Week 19

It’s hard not to feel a bit insulted by the robin who built a nest in our carport, hung out for a couple of days, and then seems to have decided we’re not actually cool and has left. I mean, it was a bad spot; right above where we park and Peter keeps his bike, beside the gate to our backyard, and with our neighbours doing construction on the other side of the fence.

Last Sunday was Mother’s Day and we continued our tradition of Sharkey’s fish and chips. We visited a new church and the girls made me lovely crafts in Sunday School (which they really enjoyed!) Peter got me flowers and baked goods and all in all I felt well loved.

In the morning on Mother’s Day

We’re having a very cold, rainy spring. There have been some sunny days here and there but very inconsistent and a lot of rain. I planted some seeds and have some starters in pots and am bringing them inside at night because it’s still pretty cold. I cut some of our flowers to bring inside because they we’re getting pummelled by the rain.

Baking, cups of tea, and books are some of my best personal defences against the doldrums of bad weather.

Does it feel like spring where you are? What do you like to do when the weather starts to get you down?

5 thoughts on “2022 Highlights: Week 19”

  1. We’ve had a few spring days here but not many, and it’s still very cold for the time of year. And of course we’re not short of rain! I must admit I prefer colder days though so I’m not complaining. The only kind of weather I really find difficult to cope with is when it’s very hot and sunny. Fortunately that so rarely happens here it’s not a major problem! 😉

    1. I actually like the rain but I’m also feeling very ready for some warmer weather. I’m ready to put our toques and mittens away!

  2. That wonderful picture of you, the girls, and Justin Beaver. Be still, my heart! It was chilly and rainy for quite a while, the suddenly it was 90 degrees and sticky, which I did not appreciate due to my stitches, as I mentioned in my last Sunday Lowdown. Now, according to Mr. Weatherman, we are right at the temp we should be. And it is lovely! I have to be super, super careful about sun now, though. I’ve got a beach umbrella I pop up while digging around in my garden.

    What do I do when the weather isn’t great? Last week I watched a bunch of movies. For some reason scary movies calm me down.

    1. We have another storm starting here – lots of wind and rain this morning! It’s the perfect weather for staying home and watching movies.

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