What I Read – February 2023


Brutes – Dizz Tate (Catapult, 2023)

A Woman is No Man – Etaf Rum (Harper Audio, 2019)

Small Things Like These – Claire Keegan (Grove Press, 2021)

Abyss – Pilar Quintana (World Editions, 2023) (translated from the Spanish by Lisa Dillman)

Stardust – Neil Gaiman (Harper Audio)

Rebecca – Daphne du Maurier (BBC Audio, 2006)

Collected Short Stories – E.M. Forster (Penguin Books, 1972)

The Female Persuasion – Meg Wolitzer (Penguin Random House Audio, 2018)

Ella Enchanted – Gail Carson Levine (Harper Trophy, 2007)

The Porcelain Moon – Janie Chang (William Morrow, 2023)

Reading with Pearl & Rose:

The Horse and His Boy – C.S. Lewis

Currently Reading:

Orphan Believers – Sara Billups

The Idiot – Elif Batuman

We Should Not Be Afraid of the Sky – Emma Hooper

2023 Goals:

Books Read: 21/100

Translated Works: 1/15 (Abyss from the Spanish)

Books I Already Own: 2/30 (E.M. Forster Short Stories (from a Little Free Library) and Ella Enchanted (from a library book sale)).

Books from the TBR pre-2020: 3/20 (A Woman is No Man (2016) and Rebecca (2016))

Current TBR:

Books Read: 11/100

Translated Works: 0/15

Books I Already Own: 2/30 (The Pull of the Stars (thrifted) and Forgive (purchased new))

Books from the TBR pre-2020: 1/20 (The End of the Affair (2016))

Current TBR: 209 (previously 211)

I read 10 books in February – pretty good for the shortest month of the year. Audio books definitely increased my total as 4 of my February books were in audio format. I’m waiting for several titles off my TBR to become available through my library app so in the meantime I have been listening to some books I didn’t have on my list. I wasn’t wildly into The Female Persuasion but kept with it so that I had something for my walks to work. Also why I listened to Stardust which I read several years ago.

Nothing was terrible this month but there weren’t really any stand-outs either. Probably why I’ve been procrastinating on writing reviews. I don’t have many strong feelings about what I’ve read and listened to. I would still like to review Brutes and maybe Rebecca.

What’s Next:

Spring Break is coming up which means some holiday time for our family. I am thinking a little about what I might want to focus on then and what I should bring along while we’re away from home. I hope to focus on a couple of translated works and I’ve just placed a smattering of books on hold at the library, so we’ll see what comes up!

Do you plan your reading for holidays?

6 thoughts on “What I Read – February 2023”

    1. I think I will because it’s a book I keep thinking about. I haven’t seen any movie versions of it. I actually only vaguely knew what the plot was beforehand which was a pretty good way to go into it.

    2. There is a newer version of the movie Rebecca that came out on Netflix that was utterly trashed in reviews. Definitely watch the Hitchcock version. It’s not scary at all, if that’s a concern.

    3. I was surprised by how non-creepy the book was. Like, Rebecca was a jerk but she didn’t actually do anything to the narrator. And she was dead! The narrator didn’t have a Rebecca problem, she had a husband problem. If they had just communicated, everything would have been much better!

    4. Rebecca sounded to me like a manipulative yet charming person. I just started the novel Gone Girl (I’ve seen the movie), so I’m wondering if Rebecca is calculating like Amy from Gone Girl is.

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