2023 Highlights: April

We’ve had both some wonderful spring weather and some heavy rain and cold. I haven’t had much time to spend in the garden yet but the girls have been playing in our yard a little more now.

We celebrated Easter (and my dad’s birthday) with my extended family and had a lovely weekend together.

And some other pictures from life lately…

I’m kind of burying the lede though because our biggest news is…

Meet Winnie! Winnie is a 5-month-old Lab cross puppy. She joined our family on Tuesday after we got a call from the local SPCA asking if we’d be interested.

We had previously filled out an application for a puppy at the SPCA but been okay when we never heard back. I checked their website occasionally but Peter and I were happy to wait until closer to the summer when we would have more time.

I got the call as I arrived at work on Tuesday. Winnie had been adopted by someone but they had decided to return her and so the workers were trying to find her a place for that night. I wasn’t sure that we could make it work on such short notice but when I called Peter and we talked it over, we decided to take the plunge. He picked her up that afternoon. We’ve definitely benefited from the help of Peter’s parents this week so that she doesn’t have to be alone when we’re at work.

Pearl and Rose were so excited when I told them after school on Tuesday! I think we have all kind of been in shock this week that we really have a dog!

Winnie is very sweet-natured and seems very smart. She’s learning a lot so quickly. She’s not house-trained but is making strides. She’s great on leash and friendly with kids and dogs. We’re working on teaching her not to nip when she gets excited but it’s pretty normal puppy behaviour that we’ve seen so far.

I have no doubt there will be plenty of Winnie content in the future! Feel free to share your puppy tips and tricks with me!

8 thoughts on “2023 Highlights: April”

    1. It makes the dog feel safe because he/she has a home base when you leave. Eventually, you can leave the door open, and they will still use the crate and feel comfortable.

    2. She’s doing quite well with it and does hang out there even when we’re home and the door is open. It’s been really helpful already.

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