New Pants!

This story begins with my desire for a pair of coloured pants. You know what I’m talking about, right? Yellow pants, purple pants, red pants, blue pants. It’s a Dr. Seuss story in the fashion world right now. Pants come in many different colours and that’s exciting.

It’s also scary though. Because I’ve worn coloured pants before. It wasn’t cool. It was the 90s. There is a school photo of me, in 1994, wearing purple jeans, a shirt in a different shade of purple, and a vest with a purplish-paisley design. If I had a copy of it now I would share it with you because I was nine years old and I’m not embarrassed that I wore an outfit like that when I was a kid. I’m also not embarassed that I thought it was acceptable to wear the same pink sweatpants every day of the week in the second grade.

However…I’m not nine anymore. Surely, coloured pants should stay in the 90s where they belong. And yet…I was tempted. I kept seeing them on blogs and in commercials, and then on real people who didn’t look ridiculous. Finally, I took to the internet.

See, I wanted a pair of coloured pants yet, at the same time, this has trend written all over it and so I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on something that I might only wear this year. I find a good deal on-line (from a site where I could return them for free, if necessary) and they arrived yesterday.

Here’s a picture so you can see the colour:

I wear blue jeans all the time so I’m looking forward to mixing and matching with a new colour. Plus, no matter how much I try to avoid it, I always end up with a lot of blue shirts. I love blue but wearing a blue shirt with blue pants is a little, well, 4th grade, right?

Has anybody else out there jumped on board with the coloured pants trend? Did anybody else wear coloured pants in the 90s?

5 thoughts on “New Pants!”

  1. So I suppose I could just email you or something, but it’s far more fun to comment here to tell you that I officially jumped on the coloured pants bandwagon today.

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