Days 28 & 29 – 30 Day Dress Challenge 2014

2 days, 2 dresses!

Day 28:


The Dress: A repeat from Day 8, this is my Joe Fresh dress again. This time I added a belt, just for a change. I like the way it likes fine both ways but I definitely like wearing it without a belt better. You know, comfort.

And since it was unreasonably cold on Saturday, I actually spent most of the day looking like this:


With a sweater on. This button-up was purchased at H&M several years ago when I was on my way somewhere in downtown Vancouver and got cold. It had a tie around the waist which I promptly detached and threw out because I don’t need my sweaters to tie around my waist, thanks. It’s pretty close to being a wear-around-the-house-only sweater though since it’s developing some holes in a couple of spots. But it kept me warm yesterday.

Day 29:


Again, unreasonably cold for the end of June so I am wearing a sweater and boots. Worse yet, I also put on a jacket and a scarf (a scarf!) when we were outside this morning.

Here’s the same dress in last year’s 30 Day Challenge, on a warmer day:


The Dress: I purchased this Moon dress at The Bay about three years ago. It’s a nice spring/fall work dress. I have yet to find a pair of tights I like with it though so it doesn’t get much wear in the colder months. My white sweater is from Banana Republic but was thrifted in Mission (or maybe Chilliwack?). And it’s cashmere! So soft!

And, just for fun, this photo which makes me look seven feet tall. Peter’s getting creative in his photo angles.


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