A Dress for June


Unlike the past two years, I am making no attempt to do my usual 30 Day Dress Challenge. I still own lots of dresses but, to be completely honest, I do not currently own 30 dresses that fit me. (Just because something zips, doesn’t mean it fits!) Plus, in past Junes I’ve been working and had places to go most days where wearing dresses could make sense. This June I’m spending more time in shorts and tank tops than ever before. And I’m perfectly happy with that.

That said, here’s Pearl and I all dressed up for a party last weekend. Pearl’s ballerina-style dress was a gift from a friend and it’s delightfully fancy. (She doesn’t look overly impressed though, does she?) I suppose time will tell if my little girl is also a dress lover.

2 thoughts on “A Dress for June”

  1. So pretty!
    I think she will either love dresses because she will be accustomed to them, or hate them because she will be annoyed you are always dressing her in them!

    1. Hahah, we’ll see! I’ll try not to force them on her once she’s old enough to decide for herself. There’s just something so cute about a little bald baby in a dress!

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