Pearl’s Dad

IMG_5470This guy.

It’s no surprise that he is an awesome dad to our little girl. Anyone who knows him knows how great he is with little kids. I remember bringing him to meet my brother’s family. My oldest niece was only two and she and Peter played blocks together while I held her baby brother. We’d been there for a while when she suddenly turned to me to ask, “Who is that guy?” Today he is a hugely adored uncle.


Peter was first to see Pearl, as the pediatricians checked her carefully in the OR. She reached up and grabbed hold of his finger. He was with our girl on the first day of her life when I couldn’t be. There has been so much sorrow and so much more joy on our journey to parenthood over the past year and Peter and I have walked every step together and for that I am thankful every day.


When Pearl was a couple of weeks old, Peter mentioned that he had never changed a diaper until she was born. But he watched the nurses do it and he learned on the job. We both are learning every day how to be parents and there is no one I would rather do this with.


Happy Father’s Day.

(And a happy Father’s day to my own dad and to Peter’s dad, who are also pretty great at what they do.)

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