For the first time in the years we’ve known each other, Peter and I co-ordinated our costumes. Who knows what we are?


A narwhal, a baby narwhal, and an Arctic explorer – that’s right! (Does your face look kind of like Pearl’s face right now?)

This costume was borne out of the fact that Peter and Pearl both have blue onesies. I didn’t have a costume until Saturday afternoon when I looked around the house to decide how I could fit in with the rest of my family.


Putting on these costumes and taking photos was the extent of our Halloween. With an eight-month-old, it felt like trick-or-treating was a little too obviously just for us. (Or, people would think we were feeding our baby tiny chocolate bars. Either way: parental judgement.) Instead we had a quiet evening at home and handed out candy to the three kids who came to our door and watched our neighbours put on a fireworks display. (Which Pearl thankfully slept through.)


People do say she looks like her dad…

And one with bunny ears just because it’s cute:


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