Weekend Travels

My birthday present to Peter this year was tickets to Hey Rosetta! in Vancouver and so this past weekend, we headed over to the Big City.

There was a time when going to an event in the city was an easy occasion. Throw a change of clothes in a bag, pull up to the ferry terminal ten minutes before sailing to walk on, walk off on the other side to get on the bus and, boom, you’re in Vancouver. Wander around downtown, see a band play, eat food. Don’t worry about the time. You can sleep late Saturday morning.

Oh, how life changes.

I'm just going to put this picture here. No particular reason.
I’m just going to put this picture here. No particular reason.

Now, for such a weekend, a plan is necessary. Before I even bought the tickets, I had to check that we had family willing to hang out with our sleeping baby. If all went well, Pearl would be asleep when we left for the concert and asleep when we returned and asleep all the way through.

We had to pack carefully. Still just a simple change of clothes for me but multiple changes for Pearl (just in case). Plus blankets, sheets, her pack-and-play to sleep and nap in, toys, and diapers. Cannot forget diapers.


“Diapers, jammies, and a bunny” – Peter, describing Pearl’s necessities.

We had timed it carefully to catch the earliest possible ferry after Peter finished work, with enough time to get to my family and get Pearl settled so that we could leave before the concert started. Predictably, the ferry was late.


We let her drive for a while.

Despite the timing not being what we hoped for, Peter and I made it to the venue right before Yukon Blonde came on stage as the opening band and Pearl slept the entire time. Peter and I even stopped for street hot dogs on the way back.


The next day we swapped with our babysitters. Saturday morning was French toast, cartoons, and hide-and-seek. (Pearl is not a great hide-and-seek partner.) Our girl got seriously loved on by her big cousins.

And then we packed up our copious amounts of things and came home. All in all, I call it a success.

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