Reading with Pearl: Sandra Boynton


Sandra Boynton is currently one of Pearl’s favourite authors. Her books are colourful, goofy, and full of animals. While Boynton has many, many books for children, the ones pictured above are the titles we own.

Pajama Time!

Boynton uses lots of rhyme and song to keep the books entertaining and fun to read. Pearl will ask for the same one over and over again and though nothing holds up well the 20th time in a row, I find Boynton’s books fun to read too. Pajama Time! even helped us get through a period where Pearl hated putting on her pyjamas at bedtime. Reading the book together made the whole process more fun.

Blue Hat, Green Hat
Blue Hat, Green Hat

Pearl loves the animal characters and so we bought her Doggies for Christmas. It’s very simple – full of dogs and countingĀ  – just right for her current stage.

4 thoughts on “Reading with Pearl: Sandra Boynton”

  1. She has a book all about cows. A collection of stories, jokes, a comic, and other silly stuff. I forget the title, but it’s awesome! Also, her music is funny and not annoying to listen to. Frog Trouble album is a favourite. That particular one is country style, and sung by famous artists.

    1. I forgot she does music too! I have pretty much avoided all children’s music so far but maybe I’ll have to look into Boynton’s!

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