We are two weeks away from Christmas and excitement is growing in our house. This past weekend we drove out on the logging roads and cut down a Christmas tree. Our house is lit with candles and smells like Douglas fir. We have a very excited three-and-a-half year old.

The Great Christmas Tree Hunt of 2018

December has already been busy, full of little parties and treats and friends. We are trying to embrace the excitement and the fun but also be mindful and thoughtful and teach our girls that Christmas isn’t about stuff or candy.

Every year I’ve made a little Advent calendar for Pearl but I think this is the first year she’s really understood the countdown aspect and has asked to turn over a card each morning.

Our Advent calendar

Every day there is a different small activity we do together. We’ve baked cookies, hunted for pinecones to decorate the house, made paper stars, rung bells for the Salvation Army, and attended get togethers at friends’ houses. There have been a couple of gift openings – all books. 

This season passes quickly. Both Advent and these years in which my girls will be so small, so filled with excitement and awe at twinkle lights and newspaper stars, at trucks on parade along the main street or picture books wrapped in tissue paper. It is a good reminder of Advent itself – looking forward to the future but enjoying the wait.

Happy Holidays from our family!

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