Life: A little bit of April

A picnic at the park

April, as is usual, has been a combination of brilliantly sunny days (see above) and rain. The girls have started to play in the backyard a little more but we’ve also had our share of indoor days, struggling through until dinner time.

Putting Pearl to work

With Pearl’s recent birthday and Rose hitting the 18-month milestone in March, April quickly filled up with check-ups and appointments. Both girls visited the doctor, the dentist, and the eye doctor. I was so proud of each of them and so thankful that they are both healthy.

Pearl went first and then, of course, Rose insisted on sitting in the big chair all by herself.

Pearl is also doing swimming lessons again this spring and it’s amazing to witness her growth and independence since her session last summer. Poor Rose tries to take off her clothes as soon as we get to the pool – she wants to join in so bad!

Rose’s language is growing every day. She’s not quite putting words together but she seems to understand just about everything and has no problem making her desires known. My favourite is when she repeats “happy, happy, happy” when she’s enjoying something.

Trying to get a picture with both of them continues to be a struggle.

One of Pearl’s favourite activities right now is to take pictures with my phone. She’s particularly a fan of filters. I’ll be honest, not every picture is a photographic masterpiece. She did an extended series on ceiling light fixtures that was, frankly, boring. But I do love the glimpse it gives into how she sees the world and her little sister is a frequent subject. So please enjoy some of my favourite Photos by Pearl:

7 thoughts on “Life: A little bit of April”

  1. I think Pearl has an interesting eye for still-life photography! And Karissa….every photo in which there were tiny rain boots had me blinking extra hard to not cry over cuteness overload!

    1. I think so too. I particularly like when she positions things to photograph them. Aren’t tiny rain boots the cutest things? Rose’s are so little!

    2. She actually positions things to take the pictures?! I love it! I don’t know if they have little kid photography lessons at your library or anything, but she needs to find her people!

    3. Not always but she sometimes does. Shoes and the occasional toy. I don’t think they offer photography lessons for kids her age but in a couple of years, if she’s still interested, I bet she’d love that! She finds my “big camera” a bit too hard to hold so far!

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