2021 Highlights: Week 8

Our big highlight of the week is that Pearl turned 6! Hard to believe a year ago we threw a full blown party for her (With people! We served food! People travelled from out of town!) but we’ve done a few things this week to mark the day and have more fun planned for the weekend. I’m also really thankful for her teachers who did what they could to make the day special for her.

And, as always on the anniversary of Pearl’s birth, I’m thankful for modern medicine. A couple of months ago a friend started a conversation on Facebook about what ordinary thing would you have died of before modern medicine? My first thought was polio or measles, something easily prevented today. And then it occurred to me that if I’d made it into adulthood, childbirth would have been what killed me. Pearl’s birth was not an emergency situation but that is thanks to hospitals, doctors and nurses, ultrasound machines, and years of c-section techniques perfected. I am someone who absolutely needs hospitals and medical care to have babies.

Crazy weather again this week! After fog on Monday, Tuesday seemed to go crazy. Once a week I try and walk into the village with Rose after we drop Pearl off at school. We run errands, go to the park, and visit the library. I usually plan for a sunny day and thought Tuesday was it. It started to rain a little so we cut our park time short and headed to the library. It had just started hailing when we got there and when we left there was thunder rumbling. By the time we got home blue skies and sunshine had re-appeared. Here were some of my views this week:

The BC government recently released this bingo card. Take a good look.

That’s full of ideas to care for yourself during this pandemic. While not an entirely terrible idea, it also feels extremely tone deaf and is garnering a lot of fair criticism. One article I read quoted a woman who works in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside (an area with a lot of serious issues associated with homelessness and drug use) who pointed out that telling people to make a blanket fort when they are literally living in a tent city is offensive. And, I have to say, I’ve done just about all of the things on this bingo card within the past year, many of them regularly, and I still feel stressed out and anxious a lot. But the thing I can’t get over and find horribly hilarious is that in the centre space of the bingo card, the space that is traditionally the Free Space (aka the easiest spot to feel), BC Health has chosen to put crying. I mean, I guess that is essentially a Free Space in 2021.

We’ve got some weekend fun planned to keep the Pearl celebration going and the sun is shining again today! Happy weekend all!

6 thoughts on “2021 Highlights: Week 8”

  1. I don’t know about people saying “build a blanket fort” is tone deaf….I mean, if we start playing the “what do people not have that I do have” game, you’d just need to dig a six-foot hole and bury yourself. I was in a book club last year early in the pandemic and we talked about feeling guilty that some of us hadn’t been laid off or evicted, that we didn’t require food stamps or have to work on the front-line. But we were isolated, lonely, missed out families, felt a great deal of stress and fear, were concerned about our neighbors and community, etc. Someone is always suffering in some way, and if we compare, we’re playing a losing game.

    1. Yes, that’s a fair point. I think it’s more about it coming from the government than about it being wrong to make blanket forts while others are living in tents. (I’ve made my own share of blanket forts this past year!) They’re being criticized for not doing enough for a community that’s really suffering. If the government was truly helping those in the downtown east side, where people are dying both of coronavirus and a major opioid crisis, and then put this out, I don’t think there would be as much criticism.

      I know what you mean though because I often feel guilty about complaining. We have a home, we aren’t struggling financially, we’re all healthy. And yet this past year has been really hard and we have to allow ourselves to have those feelings.

  2. Haha, well, I can tick off the “Took a Nap” square! Happily I haven’t felt the need to cry this week, but I’m now feeling like I must be doing it all wrong. I shall promptly exercise, get stuff done and then clean something, and hopefully all that will make me feel like crying… bingo! 😉

    Happy Birthday to Pearl! Hard to believe she’s six already!

  3. Ha I was going to comment on how lovely your views from the week were, and then I scrolled down to the silly picture of Rose! She takes EXCELLENT photos. 🙂 And a very happy birthday to Pearl! I’m glad you were able to do some fun things to celebrate and that her school helped make it a special day too.
    Having crying as the free space on that bingo card really does seem out of place. The gov’t encouraging blanket forts while not doing more to get people out of tent living also seems bad of course, but I can’t believe even tone deaf types would’ve okayed the crying! Even if it is plenty common in 2021 how does that reminder help anyone??

  4. She’s so silly and she knows it!

    Oh, the bingo card! Honestly, I’ve done all of the things on there in the last year and many of them are things that really help me alleviate anxiety. But when you have a health authority being criticized for fumbling vaccine delivery and millions of people are worried about the economy, it feels like we’re just being told to go cry about it.

    I do have some really great views to enjoy! Our walk to school each day has some gorgeous ocean views.

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