2021 Highlights: Week 9

This daffodil bloomed in our front garden this week. Last spring, it was a little potted plant on our kitchen table. When it wilted, the girls and I planted it here and I was honestly not super hopeful that it would survive. So it was with pure delight that I spotted it in bloom this week. It took me a while to remember where that little plant came from originally; I’d forgotten that I bought it myself. Around this time last year, wandering through the grocery store with Rose while Pearl was at an art class, I picked it up as a cheery sign of spring. Hard to believe how many things have changed since then. I think a lot of us are reeling a bit as we re-enter March, realizing just how long we’ve been living under this “new normal”. At the same time, here in Canada, we now have 4 approved vaccines and in BC they hope to have everyone vaccinated by the end of July, which is about 2 months earlier than they previously said. We are cautiously, hopefully, making plans for the summer. In the meantime, spring is steadily appearing!

I could almost be embarrassed in how basic I am with my sourdough bread but in the past year, I’ve been steadily trying to make more and more of our staples at home. I’ve come to realize that a lot of these things don’t require skill so much as time. These were a few things I made in my kitchen this week: yogurt, naan, stock (finally using up the last of the Christmas turkey in the freezer), and pear chips. Rose and I also made coconut muffins and snickerdoodles. It’s been fun to try different things and I’ve come to recognize that it provides me with a sense of productivity and stability and that is worth embracing.

Maybe just assume the library is a highlight of every week! Here are some of the books Rose and I picked out this week. I pick a few, she picks a few, sometimes Pearl has a request (Pete the Cat).

Our walk to town always takes us past a house with this pig statue out front and the owners always have the pig dressed up or decorated according to season or holiday. The girls always love seeing what the pig is wearing. This week he got ready for St. Patrick’s Day!

Another crazy hair day at school for our big girl – you can’t quite see but her hair is an octopus! Pearl loves telling stories; this is her illustrating a story that she dictated to me and I wrote down. She has also been loving sending cards to friends and family and her reading and writing abilities are steadily improving. Pearl also (mom brag coming up!) came home with a terrific report card this week!

Is spring appearing where you live? Are you feeling a little strange thinking about what you were doing this time last year? Any highlights of the week?

10 thoughts on “2021 Highlights: Week 9”

  1. It looks like you had a good week! The daffodil is such a happy sign of spring, I’m glad it made it through the winter. And I love the dressed up pig and the octopus hair! I am thrilled to be seeing some early signs of spring here too, though I’m pretty sure we’ll get a little more snow before the warmth settles in to stay. This time last year I was just about to embark on my trip to New York, my one highlight of 2020, so I’ve definitely been thinking about “then vs now” a lot lately too, and while that feels like another life I’m so very glad I’ve had the memories to look back on throughout this past year.
    Best wishes for an even better week ahead!

  2. I could totally tell those were eyes on her hair! LOL. I love when people have a statue they decorate. Since I live in an apartment, I don’t have a statue outside, but we do put Christmas decorations on our Venus de Milo in the living room (don’t ask!).

    1. There’s something so charming about decorating statues! And when it’s outside you know they’re doing it for the enjoyment of others too and that makes me happy.

      I am now imagining a life-sized Venus de Milo in your living room!

    2. It’s just an apartment. I think she’s more tall than enormous. Half the height is the pedestal, and the other half is her. She’s probably 6 or so feet tall, but fairly skinny.

  3. Highlight of my week is… I’m vaccinated!! Hooray! Never seen so many people looking so happy to have a needle stuck in their arm at dawn on a Sunday… 😀

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