2021 Highlights: Week 19

It’s been a good week. Let’s break it down.

  • Mother’s Day! Kind of old news but technically part of this week. We celebrated with fried fish. Sharkey’s Fish & Chips in Roberts Creek makes the best fish and chips I’ve ever had so we got take-out last Sunday with Peter’s parents and had lunch at a nearby beach. Being a mom to these two is my great delight.
  • Rose has struck up a friendship with the little sister of one of Pearl’s classmates, primarily based on seeing each other at pick-ups and drop-offs. With the warm weather this week they had the chance to play together after school while the big siblings played too. Rose hasn’t had much chance in her life to make her own friends so it’s nice to see her do so and it’s extra nice when all four kids can play together happily while I get to know a new mom friend.
  • Library visits and sunny day walks. Can you guess which books Rose picked out?
  • Rose doing her “school work”. I bought her this workbook for letter practise where she uses a white board marker and can erase and do the pages over again. She has recently started really enjoying it and actually learning some of the alphabet this way.
  • More beauty in our garden:
  • I got my first Covid-19 vaccination! This was pretty unexpected as I thought my time would come closer to the end of June. Early in the week I started to hear about the next age group up from mine (people in their 40s) getting their appointments. Then on Wednesday I got confirmation that I was eligible to book and I got a slot Friday afternoon. I got Moderna and now, about 24 hours later, have a fairly sore arm but am feeling good. There have been several times in the last year and a half I’ve felt like I’m living through history but this is the first that has felt like a really great part of history to be a part of. The socially distanced line-up was through the parking lot of the Seniors’ Centre and down the sidewalk, a long line of 30-somethings. And it’s been pretty fun watching my peer group share on social media as we either get our shots or book our appointments. It feels celebratory. At times it felt like a long wait but I am reminded that there is privilege in the waiting. I had to wait because I’m not an at-risk person. I don’t have at-risk people in my immediate family. I have a safe place to stay home if I need to. I live in a safe community where numbers have been relatively low. I’m still really glad to be a part of this particular moment in the history of modern medicine and there are a lot of reasons to feel more hopeful about how things are going in Canada right now.
  • Friday night we kicked off the 2021 camping season by…camping in Peter’s parents backyard. We had initially planned to go to, you know, an actual campsite but when I got my vaccine appointment we adjusted plans and decided to do more of a trial run and camp at the beach at their place. It was still really fun.
  • And a few other random photos from this week:

8 thoughts on “2021 Highlights: Week 19”

  1. Hurrah for the vaccine! I’m due my second dose next week and am actually looking forward to someone sticking a needle in my arm – life is odd sometimes… 😉

  2. You and A. are Moderna buddies! Thank you Dolly Parton!
    This whole post is so sweet and colourful – really glad you all had a good week.

  3. I always love seeing photos of you. You look like such a warm, lovely woman and I’m glad you are my friend. And tell me more about that chocolaty dog in the last photo!!

    Did Rose pick My Friend, My Rhinoceros, and Lambslide?

    1. Aw, thank you! I’m glad we’ve become friends too.

      The dog is my in-laws’. Her name is Bella and she’s a chocolate lab cross. We call her our part-time dog because we got lots of the fun of having a dog without the expense! Pre-Covid, my in-laws used to travel for long stretches and Bella would come stay with us. The girls love her.

      Rose did pick I Will Surprise My Friend (she loves the Elephant & Piggie series) and the Thomas the Train Engine book and The Wonderful Book. She also chose a Disney Frozen book that I forgot to include. She’s never even seen the Thomas the Train show but I’m always amazed how she’s drawn to books based on TV and movies.

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