2022: What I Read

Here were my 2022 Reading Goals:

Read 80 books

Review 70 of those books.

Read 10 translated works.

Read 20 books that I already own.

Read 20 books that have been on my TBR since before 2020.

Read the entire Bible, following a daily devotional called One Year Praying Through the Bible for Your Kids by Nancy Guthrie.

For 2022 I set what I saw as reasonable, reachable goals. So I’m pleased to announce that I did indeed reach just about everyone of my reading goals!

I read 97 books.

I reviewed 66 of them. Not exactly the percentage I had hoped for but overall pretty good.

I read 11 books translated from other languages into English. 3 were translated from German, 1 from Polish, 1 from Arabic, 1 from Italian, 2 from Japanese, 1 from Spanish, and 2 from French.

I read 17 books that I already owned. Not quite 20 but I’m glad to make a dent on my own shelves.

I read 22 books that had been on my TBR since before 2020. This one felt really good! I started my current TBR in 2013 so some of these books have been hanging around for a long time. The book that had been on there the longest was The Little Girl Who Was Too Fond of Matches.

At the beginning of 2022 my TBR was at 231 books. As of December 31, 2022, it is at 215.

Now for a look at my overall reading stats for the year:

I read 97 books.

83 of those books were fiction. 12 were non-fiction. 1 was a book of poetry. 1 was an anthology.

70 of my books were written by women. 23 were written by men. That doesn’t add up to 97 so I think the reminder I either forgot to note down or gender was unclear.

43 of the books I read were written by Americans. 21 were written by Canadians. The third largest representation came from England with 13 writers. Then Ireland with 5. Germany, South Africa, Italy, Japan, and Australia each had 2 authors represented. Then the Philippines, Poland, Oman, China, Egypt, Nigeria, Georgia, and Mexico each had one author. Some authors seemed to identify with more than one country and so were noted under two places while others didn’t have any country that I could easily associate them with.

Largely, I read my books in physical format. I read 20 as e-books and 6 were audio books. As I only introduced audio books into my life in the last quarter of 2022, I expect this to be a growing category next year.

I read 11 short story collections, 2 kids books (I don’t include the books I read with my kids but we read about 20 novels with Pearl and Rose as bedtime stories this year), and 1 graphic novel.

Where did my books come from?

7 were purchased new, by me. Not necessarily this year but at some point.

9 were thrifted or purchased secondhand.

43 were from the library. Yay libraries! All of my audio books and a good portion of my e-books came from the library. I also started using the inter-library loan system again for the first time since covid started and this was very helpful in crossing off some of my older TBR titles.

31 of my books were ARCs from various publishers.

5 were borrowed from others and 2 were gifts.

9 thoughts on “2022: What I Read”

  1. A very successful year! I find target-setting helps avoid being distracted all the time by whatever the newest and shiniest book is. Here’s to more great reading in 2023!

  2. Well done on reaching so many of your goals! I’m very impressed that you managed to read so much with two small children – my Goodreads wordcount is literally half yours even though I don’t really have any responsibilities outside work. I’ve really enjoyed reading your reviews of translated fiction, and have been introduced to books I would never have read otherwise – thank you for putting them in my path!

    1. Work is a big responsibility! I tend to read less on the days I work because my brain is far more worn out than when I’m at home with kids.

      I’m so glad that you’ve found some good books through me!

  3. That’s a great year, and good job using the library! I’m glad you discovered audiobooks too, I did within the past couple of years as well and it’s been so fun, and helped me read a lot more too without taking time away from other things. Congrats on meeting your goals!

    1. I’m really enjoying audio books! I still prefer a hard copy but I love how I can now add more reading into moments when I couldn’t have before.

  4. Nice job! My reading stats are very similar to yours, I think I read 96 books, give or take a few. I also don’t count the books I read with my kids, but we are currently enjoying Ms. Petitfour, thanks to your recommendation!!!

    1. Nice! I seem to recall we read a similar number last year too? And I’m so happy you and your kids are enjoying Miss Petitfour!

  5. You read so many translated works this year! I don’t think I read any, though I’m not sure, as I did not keep track. If I buy books, they tend to be used, so a lot of what I’m reading is not translated. I think I have to seek it out if I want to engage with it.

    1. I didn’t realize until just now but a lot of them were ARCs. I think there is a growing shift toward translated work being published and promoted in the US and Canada. I don’t come across a lot of translations in the wild so to speak (thrift store etc) unless they are older classics. I have made an effort to seek them out and overall I’m always glad when I do.

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