A Botanical Adventure through the Pacific Northwest

Okay, that headline is a little misleading. I like the word botanical though. Last week Peter and I got to spend three days and two nights a little south of the border…the state of Washington! The weather was gorgeous, we had some excellent thrift store experiences, and I took a lot of pictures. We spent most of our time in the Bellingham area/Skagit County. A lot of it reminded us of our own west coast and I got to see some sights I’d missed.

Cherry blossoms in Bellingham.

Like cherry blossoms.

And Arbutus trees.

In fact, I most definitely missed Arbutus trees. To the point that I took a lot of pictures of them last week.

Growing up in Vancouver and then living on the island, I never realized how unique these trees are. They only grow in a few spots in the world and I took having them around for granted until I moved away from them. I think they’re such stunning trees.

They have the added bonus of reminding me of my church family in Victoria!

Tulips are also big in Skagit County, though we arrived a couple weeks too early for the annual tulip festival. We sure saw a lot of its advertising though. And we spotted one tulip.

Tulip sculpture in La Conner.

We enjoyed a different kind of American botany one night, courtesy of our local Safeway.

Rum and coke in a can! Just what you needed, right?

We travelled back up the coast along Chuckanut Drive, a beautiful road overlooking the ocean. We stopped numerous times to enjoy the view and breathe in that smell of the ocean that we’ve missed so much. It was glorious.

Chuckanut Drive

Still to come: Our thrift store discoveries!

Oh, and one more Arbutus picture.

Arbutus in bloom along the Boulevard in Bellingham.


7 thoughts on “A Botanical Adventure through the Pacific Northwest”

  1. Glad you enjoyed your roadtrip! What part of Bellingham were you in? All we know of Bellingham is the airport and Bellis Fair mall…looks like there’s much more to it though!

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