happy things to hold on to


Turning Monday night dinner into a breakfast picnic in our living room. Sure, our laundry is drying in the background and those flowers are clearly dead, but linen napkins and caramelized apples go far.


A little plant we like to call Basil. (Yes, Peter and I name our plants. It may have been a mistake in the case of this one since we then ate a good portion of him.)

This. I heart Kevin Bacon.

Kind doctors who have no problem answering questions by text message.


A cup of tea, our photos from Europe, a few ticket stubs, and memories being preserved.

2 thoughts on “happy things to hold on to”

  1. This post made my day – breakfast for dinner, watching funny Jimmy Fallon videos, SCRAPBOOKING! We should do all of these things together one day.

    1. Yes, let’s! Though as I put my book together I keep thinking, “Sarah would do this much fancier.” Mine is super simple but I wanted to do something to keep all our photos and maps and tickets etc. in one place. And it’s been fun to do.

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