Day 3 – 30 Day Dress Challenge

So…today was busy. It was a long, busy day and there was one quick attempt at an actual dress picture but it was kind of a failure so here’s what you get:


I’m there. I’m wearing a dress. I’m reading The World by Bill Gaston.

Here’s a picture of me in the same dress at Easter last year:


Isn’t my husband handsome?

The Dress: Red is not really my colour but I couldn’t resist this polka dot dress found in a local thrift store. (The other attempt at a picture made the dress look red and yellow but it’s definitely a red dress with white polka dots.) There’s no tag and I’m fairly certain it was homemade. The belt is also thrifted but in Gibsons (so exotic!)

Today I wore this dress to work and then I played kickball in it. It was probably better suited to the workplace but it survived the whole day.

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