Day 4 – 30 Day Dress Challenge 2014


Taking pictures of yourself and putting them on the internet is so weird. So weird. And I am so not fancy at this.

The Dress: Looking through my closet, this dress is one of the ones I’ve had the longest. I bought it years ago in some tiny shop in downtown Vancouver that I don’t think exists anymore. The label is Zachary’s Smile which a quick google search tells me is a now closed shop in New York.


The pink sash is added – taken from a bridesmaid’s dress from a wedding I was in a few years back. This dress is a lovely, soft cotton and delightfully shapeless so I often sash or belt it. In the winter I wear it loose with tights and a cardigan. Plus, who doesn’t love a dress with pockets!


There’s my face! And a sash-less, shape-less dress. I’ve liked this one for a long time but looking at it today I am starting to think it’s time to let go. I don’t love the way it clings once I tie the sash and on it’s own, I just don’t like it as much as I once did. Also, some of these photos made me realise that the spot on the front where I once spilled oil/grease is more noticeable than I’d hoped.

Unrelated, unsolicited review: I recently ordered moisturizer from Sephora (because I live in a small town and I like a certain moisturizer that can not be found here so I have to order it online and it makes me feel high maintenance). Anyway, Sephora apparently sends you a million samples (not complaining, I love free samples) and they sent this “fluid stick” “lip hybrid” from Dior that I’m wearing in these pictures. I’m not sure about the colour but I kind of love the application. It’s applied with a lip brush and goes on very evenly. I’m usually a lip gloss type of girl but I’m kind of digging this one. The sample came with 4 colours so I’ll see if I like any of the others better. (This one is called “Pandore” which is all kinds of pretentious.)



…my super-fancy kitchen table setup for taking pictures of myself.

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