Day 26 – 30 Day Dress Challenge 2014

Please note the tidiness of my deck, including the sparkling sheen on that glass!

Repeat, repeat, repeat. I wore this dress back on Day 7 and here it is again with a different sweater. Earlier in the afternoon it was warm enough to wear on its own but by the time evening rolled around, so had the clouds.

I had one of those crazy productive days that leave you feeling so good. Peter was up and out of the house at 5:30 this morning and I couldn’t get back to sleep so I drank the rest of his coffee and got to work around the house. Doing some deep-cleaning of our deck and the beach in front of our place.

Low tides recently have also meant high tides and our little beach was covered with flotsam and jotsam and some areas had been washed out (like our fire pit). I’m definitely not complaining because I love where we live and we’re so fortunate to be here but I guess beach maintenance is a responsibility I have now!

Parts not hit by high tide had been overcome with weeds so I spend a good while pulling thistles and creeping vines. I don’t know if I watched Jumanji too much as a kid or what but vines that grow along the ground always make me feel like they’re suddenly going to grab my ankles. Just me?

I’ll admit, I was not wearing a dress while I did all this. But by 12:30 I was hot, sweaty, and finished. I took a quick ocean swim and then came the dress and I spent my afternoon making cookies and cupcakes.


The Dress: Thrifted at a Goodwill in Washington. The sweater was bought a few years ago at The Bay. My bird necklace was bought at a Buffalo Exchange in Los Angeles.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a non-repeat dress. Promise.

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