This weekend marked twenty weeks for baby and I and so I’ve had this song stuck in my head for days.

Whoa, we’re half way there
Whoa, livin’ on a prayer

Ah, the poet, Bon Jovi.


My extremely lovely friend Dawn (Hi Dawn!) send us this little gift in the mail. I love that, so far, all we have for our baby are three knit sweaters and books. What more do you need, really?


On a random Sunday afternoon Peter and I decided to rearrange our living room furniture. I’ve been accused of nesting but this is something we’ve discussed for a long time. Now that I look at it, this picture really doesn’t show the changes we made, but it does show the beautiful red that the ivy outside our door has turned. I love west coast fall.


Last week we celebrated this guy’s birthday. Or Birthday Week, really. Because days to celebrate your loved ones are good. And I sure do love this one.

Speaking of celebrating, we had a splendid but busy Thanksgiving weekend. A little bit of work, some good family time, and a lot of eating.

I mean, look at how much I ate!


Yeah, that’s a bathroom selfie. Yeah, I’m embarassed.

The weekend also included:


An early morning ferry, a rainy Monday, and a beautiful celebration of two people in love. It was wonderful to witness one of my oldest friends (twenty plus years!) marry the guy she loves.


And despite the fact that I’m the girl who owns as many dresses as there are days in a month, I borrowed this one.

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