Pearl at One Month

Wearing a dress for the first time.
Wearing a dress for the first time.

IMG_1989I can hardly believe a month has passed since Pearl’s arrival. There was so much emotional upheaval leading up to her birth that in many ways life feels a lot calmer now. My life certainly has become very focused. My goals each day are to keep myself and Pearl fed and if I also manage to accomplish something more, like laundry, I feel that’s a lot!


Pearl is eating and growing like crazy! After a bit of a rough start with feeding, it was a proud moment when she not only got back to her birth weight but passed it. Peter and I often wonder how such a tiny thing can eat so much but the frequency of diaper changes probably helps!


Pearl’s favourite things are eating, sleeping, pooping, and cuddles. She’ll easily sleep while being held but doesn’t always stay that way when transferred to her own bed. We’re learning the tricks though and, hopefully, she’s getting used to her bassinet. She actually will sleep for a few hours at a time at night, which is awesome. Less awesome is the fact that she’s the loudest sleeper I’ve ever heard! While she sleeps, we’re awake listening to her! I’m hopeful that it’s a stage and won’t last forever.

Stripes the Healthy Heart Tiger and Pearl
Stripes the Healthy Heart Tiger and Pearl

I’ve started reading Pearl a story each morning, which is lots of fun. We do a kid’s story and then at other times in the day, I just read aloud to her from my book. Really, she just enjoys the sound of our voices. She also likes music and has so far enjoyed The Beatles, Arcade Fire, and The Band. She seemed less thrilled about Hozier or Mumford & Sons but she loves when Peter sings to her.


Truthfully, it can be hard to tell what Pearl really likes and dislikes. She smiles at her own farts but not much else so far. She makes some pretty fantastic faces though, including a terrific suspicious face. It’s amazing how fun it is to just stare at her. She likes to stare back too.


I’m steadily recovering physically. It’s certainly a difficult thing to go through the most major surgery of your life and then take care of a newborn and I couldn’t have done it without Peter. My pain is a little better every day and I’m only on the occasional painkiller now. I have yet to have a pain free day but the last weeks of pregnancy were uncomfortable too. I am really looking forward to being able to be active again. It feels like a long time since I’ve physically been myself. On the plus side, I can reach my own feet again. We’re going for lots of little walks and it gets easier all the time.

Pearl’s first visit to the pier.

So this is month one. I’m so thankful for my little family and that God has put us together.



2 thoughts on “Pearl at One Month”

    1. I love that face too!

      And thank you for your wonderful presents! The dresses are adorable and I love that the cloth is thrifted! So thoughtful of you guys!

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