Big Fir Hike


Peter and I have always enjoyed hiking and exploring areas around us here on the Coast. So this has been something we’ve definitely wanted to continue now that we have a baby. Some lovely friends gifted us this sweet Deuter child backpack (the Kid Comfort III, if you’re interested). Now that Pearl’s six months and can sit up better, she’s big enough for us to use it. (On previous hikes with Pearl we’ve used our Ergo carrier, which has been and continue to be great. Now that she’s older though, we’ve noticed she was really straining to look around and observe. In the Deuter carrier she sits up higher and has more ability to see about her.)


At the risk of sounding like an ad for Deuter, this thing is amazing. It’s extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear, as well as being comfortable for Pearl to sit in. She’s well-cushioned and supported so she’s not being bounced around. The carrier also has several pockets and sections to carry things (like wipes! and diapers!) and even has a spot for a hydration bladder. Those Germans – they know how to design stuff.

On this particular hike, we headed to Halfmoon Bay and took the trail to the Big Firs. These are the largest trees on the Sunshine Coast and I had never seen them before.


There are lots of mountain bike trails around here too. The trail is pretty easy though, due to recent heavy rains, there were some major puddles.


This area was heavily logged (and is still an active logging area) so I’m not sure how some of these old growth trees survived but it’s pretty neat that there are still a few of these massive, centuries old trees.


There’s a small picnic area by the two Big Firs and we stopped there to eat sandwiches and chocolate chip cookies. Pearl didn’t seem that impressed by the big trees but everything is big to her so maybe she didn’t understand what all the fuss was about.


Apparently, being carried around in a cushioned carrier is existing because Pearl fell asleep on the way back to the car. Fortunately, there’s a cushion for her to rest her little head.


Happy Labour Day

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