A Birthday Party


This weekend we celebrated Pearl’s birthday. We kept it simple, partially because we seem to be raising an introvert here but mostly because she’s one and she won’t remember this and so we’re kind of mostly celebrating the fact that Peter and I made it through a year of parenting! So a simple lunch, some of our family and a few friends with kids close in age.


And pink cupcakes. (Those sprinkles are not my favourite but they’re pearls so I couldn’t resist.)

We let Pearl have sugar for the first time. She often doesn’t like foods the first time she has them but that was not the case here. Buttercream frosting was a hit though she didn’t eat much of the cupcake itself.


I’m not super crafty and I’m not into Pinterest so I knew I wanted to keep things simple. But I also wanted to decorate a little and make things special. I love the look of bunting and I’ve had this origami paper forever. With a bit of twine and double-sided tape, it was easy to make and added some nice colour. I wanted some pink but mostly lots of colour.

Pearl loves looking at pictures of herself (our little narcissist!) and I’m always glad to have photos printed, so it made sense to decorate with pictures. I’m sure I got the idea somewhere on the internet but I’m not sure where I saw it, so I worked with the image I had in my mind. I found a deal from Square Snaps to print our photos so that they resembled the old school Polaroid style (I googled around to find a decent price for printing photos in that particular style. I have no particular tie to Square Snaps.) and I bought mini clothes pins at the dollar store. That’s it. And Pearl loved it. In fact, she still does because the photos are still up and I kind of want to leave them for a while because they make her so happy! One year old is pretty easy to please.

3 thoughts on “A Birthday Party”

  1. Happy Birthday to Pearl! Hope you saved me one of those cupcakes – as Pearl has already realised (so wise, so young) the truly discerning connoisseur always sucks the frosting off first…

  2. Pearl’s party looks delightful! Love the idea of decorating with photos. And yes, I am indeed reading your blog at 5am 😉

    1. Thanks! We wish you guys could have been there (though you had an excellent excuse!) Blog-reading at 5am is totally understandable. How did moms get through cluster-feeding before the internet?

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